31 March 2008

Legal Pad Ponders

Are you a hilarious person? The appropriate destiny for those would be hearing the jokes of johnnyBwilson. This arena is engaged with the original contents from the owner and it also provides the opportunity for the users to interact with him through the messages. Watch it now and leave your comments in the prescribed vicinity. You can also share the channel and be a part of the hilarious wedding that is done here.

30 March 2008

Hacking driven via word files

Hacking activity has revealed its different dimensions right from its origin. Hacking is driven via MMS in mobile phones and hackers even hit the pacemakers. Now hacking is about to be driven via word files. Microsoft has warned computer users that hackers were trying to install malware through word documents. The intention of these cyber criminals stands on exploiting vulnerabilities in the Windows Operating System to commence the attack. Thus the users should be very careful while using word files. It would be safe if we don’t open or save word files that are received from unauthorized sources. Unless you make sure that incoming word files are from a secure source never try to open the file. The flaw has been detected in the Jet Database Engine that is used by a number of applications. It is not known when Microsoft will patch the flaw.

29 March 2008

YouTube Insight

Search for the popular video site in the web ends at YouTube. This eminent service has introduced a new feature. This latest attribute facilitate people who have uploaded videos to keep track of those who are watching them. This will greatly help advertisers and companies since it provides an opportunity for them to get a feel of the kind of the videos that immensely appeal to the customers. The application is about to be called as YouTube Insight which bestow complete overview of the feedback to advertisers apart from the comments, ratings and number of analysis. For instance consider that the advertiser of a product believes that his video is not in reach to a particular area or a country. This feature offers them an option of modifying it a little bit and then presenting the same in an astounding way. As another example let us think about a movie company that releases a trailer to attract the viewers. With the support of this elevated feature they can check whether it reached the viewers in the way they expected.

21 March 2008

Mobile Jukebox

There are only few services that enable customers to listen to music in their mobile phones. BPL mobile has proclaimed a new service known as BPL Mobile Jukebox. This will facilitate its subscribers to eavesdrop on to music whenever they feel like. This service has the advantage of being used by both pre-paid and post-paid subscribers of BPL mobile. These renowned collections range from Bollywood hits to Ghazals and the latest best-seller of the West are accessible. This distinguished service will permit customers to file up their beloved songs so that they can retrieve it whenever they want. Subscribers have to dial to 543213 in order to listen to a song from the Jukebox Catalog. This service is considered to be economical because they charge only 50 paise per minute.

High quality cables

Cables must be acquired from an eminent place that ensures quality to the customers. Diablo Cable concentrates on providing premium cables that include fiber optic patch cables, Ethernet patch cards and so on. This site can also be considered as a host for offering other compatible products at implausibly cheap rate. Types of Cisco Cables offered are mainly serial cables, smart serial cables, crossover cables, octal cables and so on.

20 March 2008

Vegan limits arthritis

Vegan diet whose main constituents are vegetables, root vegetables, nuts, fruits, corn and many others that does not include animal products not even milk and its products establishes many benefits. They could help people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. It also shrinks the threat of heart attacks and strokes. In order to get optimistic results patients have to confiscate gluten out of their diet. Effects of rheumatoid arthritis include pain, swelling and inflammation in the joints which eventually leads to increasing disability, risks of strokes and heart attacks. This gluten free vegan diet lowers levels of bad cholesterol also known as LDL cholesterol that is linked to the heart disease. This prominent diet also lifted the levels of natural antibodies to fight against compounds in the body which are concerned to arthritis. Patients also reported a diminution in the body mass index (BMI), which is considered to be measure for obesity in human beings.

Compensation made

With as many as three drop catches my confidence level was very stumpy. These catches proved to be costly and the luckiest batsmen piled the runs at a hefty rate. He smashed a bowler for 33 runs in a single over and all felt that I could have held on to that catch. Finally I got an over since all others had a pitiable economic rate. I had the additional advantage because the destroyer’s stumps were by my friend Raja. That was indeed a new action and I bowled at a pace that surprised me and also my friends. I got the wicket in my third ball and the opponent team finished at a towering total of 119. It was a daunting target and the pressure creped on us right from the start of our innings. We lost our opener in the very first ball and suddenly our score indicated the loss of two wickets. I stepped down as I am the slogger with some batting skills. I began to pile on the runs from the very first ball that reached the boundary for a six right past the wicket keeper.

I haven’t hit a six behind the wicket keeper and this brought in me lot of confidence. Runs began to flow fluently and we reached a mammoth total of 44 runs in span of 4 overs. Next ball I tried to hook the delivery and got a leading edge that was caught right behind the wicket keeper. Even after the fall of my wicket my team was progressing very well until it collapsed after 8 overs. We could reach only 105 but it proved to be a good chasing.


This is would probably be exciting for those who wish to indulge themselves in online contests. Members who enter into this towering site have the opportunity to solve a game. First one who finishes the game successfully will win cash or prizes. The amount of cash or value that is earned by the users will be directly proportional to the difficulty of the game. If anyone wishes to gain huge sum of money then they should work hard for it. The game starts every Monday at noon EST. After the launch of a particular game, clues are supposed to be given approximately at the same time. Players can use as many clues as they require for solving the game. If the contest gets solved before the next Monday then we can see the launch of a new game.

19 March 2008

Secure mail

Secure Computing Corporation has revealed a new version of Secure Mail which is its email security solution. With respect to the corporation the upcoming new version will be able to process more than seven million messages a day in a single appliance. It has been estimated that the above process will improve the performance by 700 percent. Secure mail can be regarded as an integrated messaging security solution whose spotlight is on protecting mail environments, enforcing decisive mail flow and compliance-related policies. It also holds the capability to encrypt sensitive email materials and conveys inbound and outbound email security in a single platform. These elevated intensifications are meant to deal with the hefty mail flow in the Internet at present.

Flash support

Microsoft has its own application called Silverlight for its Windows Mobile platform. It has now decided to support Adobe’s Flash technology apart from its primary application. It can be considered as an attempt to endorse interoperability for rival systems and stave off criticism that it is not doing enough on that front. On regards with this Microsoft has licensed Adobe Flash Lite which is a Flash Player for mobile devices. It has also inculcated LE software that enables Windows Mobile users to view PDF documents. These features help us to view rich web content through Internet Explorer using either Silverlight or Flash support. It also makes sure that both Live Search and Google Maps are made accessible on Windows Mobile phones.


Everyone wish to engage themselves in a free online service for chatting. It is rare to find a free Online Dating website and personal network services inculcated with webcam chat. Dateamour is definitely leading this list of free personal network services. This effective dating enables private messages with webcam and a surprising fact is that conferences are also going to be in the offering list. Users also have the privilege of adding their most favorite videos, photos and they can also engage in discussions.

Bad day in the field

We started the game at 8a.m in the morning. Due to early showers in the morning and heavy rain in the penultimate day the ground was slippery. The added factor was that I was very tired in the morning due to lack of sleep. We elected to bowl and it was not at all a comprehensive start by our bowlers. I sill remember the first catch that swiftly passed through my hands. I dropped it and I started praying for another chance to rectify my mistake. Next over again the ball was scooped in the air and I felt that I could resolve my mistake but it rather ended up in a blunder. I could not tolerate the consecutive misses which made me to position myself in the cover region. The very next ball there was another drop catch. This time it was quite tough but I knew that it will definitely go into the missed chances. I haven’t seen myself dropping easy chances like those offered in that day. That guy whose catch was dropped by me kept smashing our bowlers and he was instrumental in giving his team a huge total to defend. I am going through a lean patch in my fielding aspects.

Workscoop-Rating made here

How an unfamiliar person could know the strength and weakness of your job? You can Rate Your Job by which you can announce the pride in your job. Besides rating their job employees can rate their boss and even their recent interview. All these facilities you get through an eminent website known as Workscoop. Reviews depicting the nature of your company, job and also about the skill set of your boss can be submitted on the website anonymously. This feature makes sure that people who wish to get in to your company know the present status of your workplace. They encourage this act by providing “Review of the month” prize to the best and detailed review.

18 March 2008

Hacking threat to pacemaker

Hacking is now made possible in each and every field. It has continued to thwart each user by spoiling their work. We have seen a method being developed to steal the encrypted information on the computer hard disks. Hacking has shaken even the mobile field with the penetration via MMS. It has been found that malicious hackers can even attack pacemakers attached to the heart and shut it down. This astounding discovery was made by a group of scientists who obtained wireless access to a combination defibrillator-pacemaker. Most conspicuous aspect of this discovery is that they can not only shut it down but also can force it to nudge electric shocks that could prove to be fatal to the patient. However it was proved that the devices that helped to carry on this task are not impervious to hackers. The factor that could relieve the patient is that the device needed for this attack on the pacemaker is very costly and thus the hackers could not afford it to penetrate the electronic implants.

Guitar World

Are you searching for online Guitar tabs? Then your destiny would probably be at Guitar World Tabs. Guitar Tablature can be regarded as a form of musical notation that tells players where to place their fingers on the particular instrument besides elaborating on the pitches to play. They provide you with premium tabs and users are also facilitated with the videos which furnishes top quality guitar notes. You are provided entry into the world guitar forum. We can also post our own videos and tabs in to this towering website.

BlackBerry at your reach

BlackBerry is commonly used by corporates and business peoples. Now it is going to be within the reach of the common man as there is immense competition with the increase in more number of telecom companies who are trying to launch their service. Tata and BSNL are planning to offer BlackBerry services. Research In Motion, the developer of BlackBerry technology charges an operator flat sum per subscriber. The telecom sector has already seen a tariff decreasing by a substantial amount to the extent of being even the lowest in the world. Surprising information is that Tata Teleservices was deprived of launching the service by the government. This was due to the fact emails sent using the technology could not be intercepted by the security agencies. Other agencies which offer BlackBerry services are Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance communications.

17 March 2008

Mobile TV

Mobile phones have seen many applications being engraved on it. TV-on-the-go which enables us to view movies on the 4 inch screen is daring to attract all the mobile users. MediaFLO is a technology developed by Qualcomm to broadcast video and data to portable devices. This technology will be available in India once the government makes the spectrum accessible. Previously the mobile television broadcasts in India was done using the DVB-H technology. Nokia N96 is a mobile TV compatible phone with SU33W mobile TV receiver. This represents an external Bluetooth dongle with a built-in antenna. If mobile TV wants to attract more people towards it then it must definitely offer the cross-over solutions. This corresponds to the enabling uses of these phones to plug in device that will TV-enable them.

Hardware Internet Security

Do you want to experience a revolution in network security? The destiny would probably be at Yoggie Security Systems. You have the opportunity to buy a powerful USB embedded with the Best Linux Firewall. It has won the Best of Innovations 2008 award from CES. Most striking feature is that it blocks all the internet threads outside before it could reach the host system. Even a user who does not possess much technical knowledge can perform the installation process easily. They don’t even drain our PC’s resources since the security software updates instantly gather on the Yoggie’s external mini server.

15 March 2008

No buttons in MP3

We can easily recognize a MP3 player in a glance but now you can’t identify a MP3 device by just looking at it. These iconic music players come cloaked as table lamps which does not expose a boring piece of technology. Aigo’s Omnisphere F529 which has just come to India looks like a revolutionary piece of drawing room decor. This shimmering and smooth cone alleges 4096 color combinations. The striking feature of this superior technology is that it has no buttons and the top of the cone which can be rotated acts as the play-select-stop control depending on the direction you push. Its unique and attracting shape makes its sound Omni directional and it produces a prosperous and lucid sound up to 5watts. Built-in 1GB storage is good for about 500 songs but a pinch can be used as simple storage for files videos. It is also provided with a USB slot in the base that allows us to link to other devices such as PC or music system to exchange files. Allocated memory slot allows you to extend the built-in storage by a GB or two. This eminent device is affordable and it costs around 5200 rupees.

Business Loans

It is fairly difficult to choose the correct place where we can receive unsecured Business Loans. The right choice would probably be at Accommodative Financial Solutions. It has been powered with interactive website technology and sophisticated desktop conferencing. Striking advantage of this fact is that it permits us to be present virtually in the office receiving consultation on Business Loans. They provide the comfort of being in our home to check our loan status, submit the loan applications and so on. The most attracting fact is that most of the approvals range from 24-48 hours. Additional refreshing features that make the customers glad in receiving Business Loans are: there are no pre-qualifying fees, no upfront charges, no hidden and application fees, and no collateral needed and very low interest rates. The limit for Unsecured Business Loans ranges from $10K to $150K.

14 March 2008

Designer Sofas

Do you know what the best way to decorate your house is? The answer would probably be through SOFA BEDS from Spacify. For those who are looking for an extra bed these fashionable and elegant sofas will be the right choice. This elevated site exhibits various categories of sofas from leather ones to daybeds. Your search for attractive sofas would definitely end here.

Mobile banking

Mobile banking service has been employed to facilitate customers to transfer funds, pay bills and make account enquiries. This prominent service has been initiated by US based Barclays Bank. Users can enjoy this facility through their GSM cell phones. This service is contentedly called as HelloMoney and it will probably cost customers Rs.30 per month. Most exciting aspect of this scheme is that it will be offered a free of cost to salary account holders. The architecture is very simple. The users who have signed up to the service could dial a given number before entering an assigned PIN number. Latter they are permitted to choose the option for different transactions, including buying up of top-up time for mobiles. HelloMoney will be accessible through all GSM handsets on Airtel, Vodafone and idea networks in 40 cities. They are also crafting a plan to extend this service to CDMA handsets in the future. This gift will also be given to the account holders with limited features and the bank is in talks with micro finance institutions to offer the service.

13 March 2008


In the 8 Facts about Yourself, you share 8 things that your readers don’t know about you. Then at the end you tag at least 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going. Here are the rules.

* Each blogger must post these rules first.
* Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
* Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
* At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
* Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.****

My list :

  1. I love cricket and its my passion and my new passion is blogging
  2. I love music like others and my favorites are melodies and slow beats
  3. I like to hang out with my friends
  4. I hate persons who betrays others
  5. I hate persons who always discourages others work
  6. I love sleeping for a long time
  7. I love my country and my surroundings
  8. I love watching movies alone ;)

Now it's time for you to share something about yourself: so I tag this to

vaidi , satti , annachi , bala , vinoth , sadesh , pad , natraj .


Are you in search for a social community that ultimately determines the destiny for surfers, snowboarders and skateboarders? Your search ends at www.xbs2.com. This is a supreme site that offers chance for the users to share vital and unforgettable videos, audios, photos and stories. This eminent site also grant you with your own profile page, blog and unlimited downloads. Separate links are given to the three different sections. Users are just one click away from entering into their desired web page.

11 March 2008

Yahoo's onePlace

Last five to six years can be regarded as a golden period in the growth of mobile technology. Many attracting features have been added to the mobile phones and we have been facilitated with the grandness of the applications. Now we can see the advent of a new mobile called onePlace which has been unveiled by Yahoo. This gadget will enable its users to manage and organize content on their devices without difficulty. This prominent application will exercise dynamic bookmarks to file and updates the enormous amount of data that gives entry into the mobile phones. It also glitters with an additional feature that creates a center of attention among the users. This can be proved by the presence of mobile RS reader to facilitate users to subscribe to content of their interest. This come after the unveiling of another mobile product named one Connect. This product puts together email, instant messaging, text messaging and social networking on one platform.

Freedom everywhere

Man hunting man has been the frequently delivered news all around the world. It is evident from the present situation that mankind is facing a moral and spiritual crisis of which ecological, social and political problems stand ahead. This portal is regarded as Stateless Freedom Website. Here the process is initiated by the flurry of questions about the state and about us. Then the loyalties are proposed based on the enchanted answers. Adherence is mainly towards the love of life and reason, kind and peace. It reveals the full meaning of freedom that states no one is bound to or beneath any one or constituted power. This site also offers towering features like email subscription, external links and books to have an elevated knowledge on the subject spoken. You can have a glance at the site reviews and it also provides the opportunity for the users to submit their essays.

09 March 2008

High speed connectivity

In this busy world no one can tolerate the slowness of their applications.This may be applicable to all areas including their network connections. If the foremost requirement of a customer is only higher speed connectivity then they can go for the improved version of the successful HTC S710 smart phone. This unblemished phone comes with a fast processor and adds 3G/HSDPA. This can be regarded as the most elegant and compact smart phone. One of the scintillating features possessed by this one is the auto-sliding QWERTY keyboard for fast typing and dialing. This wonderful gadget is supported with a push email and super fast internet connectivity. With this feature we can be sure to keep in touch no matter where you are currently residing. The HTC S730 is powered by windows mobile 6 which come with the inclusive collection of Microsoft office mobile applications. It is also inculcated with 256MB flash memory.

07 March 2008

Biased Indian sports

I am a die hard fan of cricket. Cricket is considered to be a religion in our country and we usually rate cricket on the top of the list of much loved games. It is heartening to see an unfair cloud that is surrounding our Indian sports in the recent years. Our national sport hockey is given much less significance and we have not our country being qualified for the football world cup. Cricket players have been facilitated for their brave achievement in the recently concluded series win against the cricketing giants Australia. This is a great sign because this may inculcate confidence and enthusiasm among the players and it may urge them to perform well in the future. All this is fine but the fact is this facilitation has not been taken to all the games equally. People don’t even know how we are ranked in the hockey and they are unaware of the fact that we have won the Asian cup in a convincing style. We may not force any one to be a fan of particular game but still we should lend our support to build a confident team. It is unfair that we are just giggling that our country is not strong in any support excluding chess and cricket. It is in our hands to lift these games and if we do this the country with more than 25 states will definitely become the leader in sports. Then we can’t stop our search for a single medal in the Olympics and start counting the number of medals in each section.

Shopping made easier

Black Friday is the day after thanksgiving in the United States. It is the beginning of the traditional Christmas shopping season and is the busiest retail shopping day of the year. During the period of 8 years between 1993 and 2001 Black Friday was habitually the fifth to tenth busiest day. It was ranked first in 2004 and now it stands first amidst all the busiest days in the world. During these days people face the difficulty of standing in a colossal queue and they have to wait for a long time purchase the required items. They have to be present in the queue at 5am waiting in the store. With the advent of Black Friday.info site this problem is erased since it enables people to purchase black friday items online without the hassle of having to stand for long hours. This site also facilitates the users with the email alerts when new thanksgiving ads have been posted. They also post sale information along with the black friday ad scans. The name black friday was given due to the heaviest traffic on that day. It also enables us to get variety of shopping tools that are listed in the deals category. Thus choose this easiest way to make shopping more memorable.

06 March 2008

Choose your phone shapes

Customers now have the opportunity to change the shapes of their mobile when they need it to be updated recurrently. Modu a mobile firm has launched a modular cell phone which is chameleon-like in nature. This adorable phone happens to be the smallest and lightest phone ever witnessed. This is likely to attract the people in a matter of seconds. The phone is light as feather but it can be augmented with the jackets. These supplementary jackets have inculcated features such as camera, GPs and even larger screens. Users are provided with the option to selecting the jackets of their wish with the upgrades of their need. Many people get bored on seeing the same outfit of their mobiles. For those users there exist an option to modify the design and the outlook of their handset. This phone can also be plugged into a car stereo and other internet devices.

Small Dogs For Sale

Everyone likes to have pets. Most of them are attracted towards dog. All small dog breeds is an organization which enriches you with a variety of dog pictures. This online site enables you to select your favorite one. This is the place where you can find precise information about the characteristics of dogs. Read the information available about the small dogs and select a one which best suits you. This is the place where you can easily pick one at a desirable price.

Gilchrist deserved better farewell

India grabbed the recently concluded CB series by their unblemished batting and bowling performances. This victory would be surely rated along our world cup win and the T20 achievement. This happiness comes with a little bit sad news. It was the retirement of Gilly from the limited over game format. This may be happy news for the bowlers since they knew the fact that it will be hard to find a replacement for him. New ball bowlers will not be hammered frequently. He was such a great wicket keeper batsmen who deserved a better farewell than what he received in the final match. He may be called as once in a generation keeper because we may not see a keeper who stands behind the stumps for the entire innings and steps in as an opener immediately focusing on the run chase or vice versa.

He is one of the players who show great sportsmanship in the arena. He is a right person to be called as gentleman gilly. Even though the other players in his side don’t play with the right spirit he holds the credit for applauding the opponents for their achievements. He should have sent with much ovation from the audience and also from the players. Whenever he scores a century we can make sure that his team would end up winning the match. He had such an influence in the cricket field and he deserves a royal salute for his achievements. This series loss would never steal the glory set by this immaculate sportsman.

Intel’s Atom

Intel is known for its periodical enhancement in the technological field. Recently they have decided to name the chips that have been invented for ultra mobile PCs as ‘Atom’. These nano chips are built according to the Intel’s new micro architecture. Silverthrone, which is a processor for the next generation of mobile internet devices, is one among them. The single core processor, Diamondville applicable for low cost laptops would also be a member of the atom family. The processor design is much uncomplicated and it is constructed based on the company’s 45-nanometer process. Intel is eager to make Atom as popular as its other brands such as core, core 2, Celeron and Xeon.


Those who are engaged in the search for online coupons have their destiny at CouponChief.com. The attracting feature is that they strive to provide a one stop coupon deal and discount resource for all the web site visitors. Coupons come out in different forms. This towering site exposes varieties of coupons such as dell coupons, target coupon, overstock coupon and many more. Visitors can select the coupon of their choice and receive appropriate coupon codes to obtain the required article.

Frog enables diabetes treatment

Diabetes is a major concern among most of the people around the world. Those who suffer from diabetes have to take insulin injection periodically since their body could not stimulate enough insulin. It has been discovered that a variety of frogs helps us in the treatment of diabetes. A compound secluded from the frog grows up to 27cm as a tadpole. After this stage it shrinks to reach the length of 4cm in adulthood and this stimulates insulin release. A synthetic version of the compound - pseudin-2 - could be used to produce new drugs. Around two million people in the UK have type 2 diabetes. This condition is more predominant among those whose suffer from obesity because the body does not produce enough insulin, or the insulin that is produced does not work properly. It means people cannot normalize their blood glucose levels accurately. Scientists have tested a synthetic version of pseudin-2, a compound which protects the paradoxical frog from infection. They found it stimulated the secretion of insulin in pancreatic cells. More importantly it does not engage any toxic effects on the cells. The synthetic version was better at stimulating insulin than the natural compound. This enables the compound to evolve as a potential drug for treating diabetes.


Many products are developed and released into market every second. But every product doesn’t reach the market with high success rate. But Buzzfuse an organization helps to market a product economically and makes it popular among people. Buzzfuse.com updates top items in the market every 24 hours. They are having top most creators who furnish templates for blog and lot other things which are more attractive. So use this arena properly to know about recent products in the market.

02 March 2008

Largest ever-online storage

Are you crafting a plan to buy portable hard drives and large capacity memory sticks? It would be wise to drop your plan. Microsoft is offering free personal and secure storage on the web, which will reach a massive 5 gigabytes to users, registered for its Windows Live services. Users of its Hotmail e-mail service can gain access to this virtual hard drive on the web using the same name and password. We can upload and store our files in three folders namely personal, share with friends and share with the world. In personal zone only the authorized user can have the access rights. ‘Share with friends’ will be open to the designated friends who are also registered Windows Live users. ‘Share with the world’ as its name suggest it enables us to place the files that are open to the public for their perusal.

It offers a munificent limit of 50 MB for any one file. Personal store will be particularly useful to keep copies of e-tickets, scans of important documents such as degree certificates and birth or marriage records. We can retrieve these records easily in case of loss of original ones. Important question that would be raised immediately would be regarding the security aspects. The level of security is similar to that of online banking. All files transfers are protected using the secure socket layer.