04 January 2013

Fish with Helmet

Music from Rain

WOW THAT IS PURE GENIUS! This building is located in Dresden, Germany. It's called Neustadt Kunsth of passage. When it rains it starts to play music.

24 December 2011

Christmas in Germany

Its very cold out here. I saw snowfall for the first time in real.I had seen snowfall in only movies.It was astonishing to see the whole city covered with snow. It was as if i was in the heaven.Everything that surrounded me was white.This white background was unusual to me but i liked it very much.

I am going to celebrate Christmas and new year in Germany.Very eagerly waiting for it to come.

16 December 2011

Wow in Germany!

I never imagined that i would fly out of India in my lifetime.To my surprise actually now i am in Germany.Unseen temperature and weather but still i can manage things out here.I can see smoke coming out of my mouth for the first time that too without smoking.Lets see how things are going to be in this beautiful country.I am planning to visit various places of Europe but first i should get settled first.Hope i will let you know the places i visited soon.

08 December 2011

My release party – Ever waited speech

Finally i delivered my release speech which as i said before was not a prepared one. Since i was the only person who had worked with three different sets of group in the team i can easily differentiate between them. In the olden days i could see the strong bond that existed among the team. Now i could see that bond becoming weaker and i asked my team one thing “Please make sure one thing when i call you people you should be able to say ‘Yes we are happy to work as a team at least if not in the project’ and that it is the best release gift that you people can give to me”. I finished my speech after saying this and that was the last time i met my fabulous team mates.

04 December 2011

My release party – Raised emotional quotient

Everyone in my team praised me a lot that actually swept me off my feet literally. I don’t want to get emotional but their words made me emotional. Now i actually feel sad for leaving the project not just because of the great team members i got but also it was the best project a fresher could ever get in his career.

30 November 2011

My release party

Yes i met that day finally which i dreamt of for the last few months. Whenever a person got released from project i used to think of myself in his position and i used to prepare a release speech. It was actually my release day but i didn’t prepare anything for the release speech. I wanted it to be from my heart so literally there was no rehearsal for it. We went to Urban Tadka restaurant in Gatkopar and were enjoying the party.

29 November 2011

Baldness no more

Baldness is the common problem for men since this situation can transpire at any stage of one’s life. Now with the advent of cloning this is not at all a major problem. If bunch of your hair unexpectedly falls due to premature baldness then the cloned hair is the appropriate solution for it. The technique is known as follicular cell implantation that works by replicating remaining hair strands. This process could ultimately help those bald people to regain their own hair. The astounding feature in this technique is that it has the potential to re-grow a limitless supply hair for the cases where baldness may have been a result of cancer treatment, from suffering burns or also the onset of age.

This treatment involves more than 1000 minuscule injections since they have to produce that number of hairs in the bald patients. This technique would be preferred by most of the people because it has the striking advantage of being swifter and less invasive than the traditional transplant techniques. This technology will be made available to the public over the span of five years.