29 February 2008

Craft your own site easily

Days which required in-depth knowledge to create your own websites have vanished. Google has helped us to overcome this intricacy by launching a free service known as Google sites which will enable even people with elementary knowledge about the internet to build sites of their own. Professionals, students and common men who want to start their own sites can make use of this service which provides detailed information on how to develop the site. With this service users are just few clicks away from carving a niche in the web. Google also provides additional features to support the website which includes pictures, calendars and also videos from YouTube. It has acquired a Silicon Valley startup, JotSpot and has used many of its tools in its recently developed site building endeavor. Start creating websites for yourself with your own design.

28 February 2008

Fashion schools New York

Career choices have been increasing day by day. You may end up in choosing a right path if you have preferred the fashion career over other possible options since it is the promising trend today. Now you end up in a crucial decision making process that kindles dilemma in choosing a good fashion school. The destiny for those would probably be fashion schools new york. Retrieving information about the fashion school in new york is one click away. You can get the list which represents all the accredited new york fashion schools and also the programs you want to select. All the recommended fashion schools afford information regarding campus location, available courses and degree programs for your kind perusal. You can also choose fashion degree programs through online. It also provides the names of the available fashion designers with their history and the achievements made by them in the fashion arena. They also guide us with the different career options that can be taken in fashion schools. We are exposed to a wide range of choices. We can find our way into fashion design schools, fashion marketing schools and fashion merchandising schools. It has towering site design which is user friendly and we can acquire all the information we need to know to glitter in the fashion field.

AIR enables working offline

We are in the century of evolving technical trends. This enables us to enjoy each and every application that confiscates our difficulties in performing any operation. Recently Adobe has launched a software application named ‘AIR’ to help people work on online applications even when they are offline. Developers can use AIR to craft tools that will help people to bridge the gap between online and offline works. The software can be freely downloaded and it can be used in PCs and Apple Macs. A Linux version will be available to the users by the end of the year. Several leading websites such as e-Bay have empowered their applications with AIR. AIR works by permitting users to convey applications that run on the web and browser to the desktop. This will enable people to access indispensable data even when they are offline.

Gi-Fi makes file swapping easier

Wi-Fi must start to recognize its evolving competitor. New feather has been added to the wireless transmission service. Recent development has lead to the swapping of very large video and other files within seconds, by wireless devices operating over few meters in largely fallow and unlicensed higher frequency bands. World’s first transmitter-receiver is integrated on a single chip, operating at 60GHz and fabricated using the complementary metal oxide semiconductor process. The chip is about 5mm per side and has a minuscule antenna and uses the 60 GHz mm wave spectrum which is an unlicensed band of 7GHz between 57GHz and 64GHz. This elevated technology will allow the wireless transfer of audio and video files at rates up to 5 gigabits per seconds which is regarded to be ten times faster than the available technology. This fabrication which uses a 130nm CMOS process may eventually lead to the development of chips whose price will be as low as $10.

In indoor environment Gi-Fi device is expected to work over a distance of 10m. This capability ranks it ahead of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi on range basis. This towering technology will probably enable the customers to download a high definition movie from a KIOSK in a matter of seconds to a music player and could play it or store on a home server for future use within seconds.


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24 February 2008

Hacking computer hard disks

Computer security researchers have developed a method to steal encrypted information stored on computer hard disks. The method which could destabilize security software shielding critical data on computers is as straightforward as chilling a computer memory chip with a blast of frigid air from a can of dust remover. Encryption software is used by companies and government agencies in portable computers that are particularly subjected to theft. This threatening process could exploit the vulnerability of the dynamic random access or dram chip. These chips momentarily hold data including the keys to modern data scrambling algorithms. When we shut down the computer, the data is actually said to disappear. It has been found that these standard memory chips in reality retain data after power is cut off. When the chips were chilled using a reasonably priced can of air, the data was frozen in place allowing the researchers to easily read the keys out of the chip’s memory. We can change their inherit nature and permit them to hold their state for hours at least without the consumption of power by cooling the chips in liquid nitrogen (-196c). It is enough if we put the chips back into a machine and now we can read out their contents. Special pattern recognition software must be used to identify security keys among the copious amounts of data on the memory chip.

23 February 2008

Online Poker

MagicHoldem is one among the few sites that offers the most advanced and easy to use Texas Holdem odds calculator to the users. MagicHoldem poker odds calculator helps the players to avoid simple mistakes by lending their hands in the decision making process. They also provide texas holdem tips that help them to become a solid player. When you open the online poker table MagicHoldem automatically identifies your game and provides you with online poker tips. This site is created with the help of professional poker players and the advanced calculation engine provides the most accurate odds and also offers paramount texas holdem strategy for the playing hand.

22 February 2008

Gaming to track human emotions

Gaming world has seen many striking developments in recent years. Now we don’t require any wires connecting the joystick and the gaming port. We can now experience a towering growth in the gaming world. Emotiv software development kit is expected to create a great revolution in this field. It mainly consists of a headset and toolkit with a unique set of detection suites. This development kit is intended to add a supplementary reality to the gaming know-how interpreting the facial expressions and emotions of the players. These human expressions are transmitted to the characters, which we see on the games. When a player grimaces, the character in the game would also grimace in the similar fashion. Even the body movements are tracked in a perfect manner. Developers of the kit declare that it can also track emotions of players and change music, lightning and other effects in response.

21 February 2008

Phone made of renewable and reused parts

We do see frequent increase in the mobile models each day. The technology is upgraded regularly and we are able to get new models with revolutionary features. This is a good sign but the major complaint that is prevailing over this issue is that this growth has lead to the increase in the dumping of electronic waste in the form of outdated mobiles. Nokia has planned to overcome this damage to the environment through the invention of new mobile phones. These phones are developed with the help of renewable and reusable parts. Nokia 3100-Evolve is the model which incorporates this technology. Another problem we have with respect to the mobile usage is that we don’t unplug the charger after it has charged the mobile. This leads to the wastage of considerable amount of power. This situation can be elevated with the advent on Eco Sensor Phone. This could be used to track local weather patterns, environmental changes and many more functions are available. This device has inbuilt software that communicates with charger. If the charger has finished its work it is switched off automatically without the need to unplug it. This process could save substantial amount of energy and this technology could be incorporated in various fields. Now it is up to us to make this venture a grand success. We must surely lend our hands in reducing the wastage of power.

20 February 2008

LifeLock Promo Code

If you are in search for the leading identity theft protection program then your search will end at LifeLock. LifeLock is not only known for providing best identity theft protection service they also provide it at discount. It will be fine if the customers know the difference between LifeLock and other identity theft protection plans. LifeLock emerges as a clear winner amidst the competitors due to the fact that it prevents thieves from getting your personal information instead of cleaning up after your information has been invaded by a stranger. LifeLock Promo Code site helps you to get the discount code and all the information that is needed in the customer’s point of view. Once you have selected the Life Lock Promo Code then it the code will automatically be tagged to your enrollment application. You can also enroll over telephone by contacting LifeLock representative at the telephone number that is mentioned in the site. If you have the desire to use LifeLock Promotion Code RD 32 to enroll in the LifeLock program then you and your kids will have the privilege of getting free service for the first 30 days. Whether you select the promotional code or not LifeLock provides the best service you have ever seen.

beAware of Hacking via MMS

We have seen hacking via internet. Now hacking has entered into the field of mobile network. This dreadful process involves the transfer of mp3 files through MMS. These files are provided with attracting headers which kindles the user to open and see the contents. As soon as the file is opened a malware attacks the mobile of the user. This alarming activity destroys our mobile and after this incident the mobile will not be available for our use. Greatest damage that will be done by the malware is that it makes search on the affected phone and transfers all the personal information to a public repository. The search ends after it has acquired all the contacts from the phone book of the malware infected mobile. Then it transfers the malware to all the numbers that is stored in the mobile. This induces the avalanche affect and it is in its way to produce more affected mobiles. Make sure that you don’t open MMS that is sent from any unknown sender.

Highest ever tie witnessed

England elected to bat in the ground which promised run flow. The match started with the fine-looking partnership between Cook and Mustard. Suddenly both the openers fell in the same over. Then the innings was stabilized by Bell and Pietersen. Both played fluently and gave England a strong position from where they can throw their bat. Their departure saw the entry of Collingwood and Wright. Collingwood smashed 50 of 24 balls which included 6 sixes. He was close to the record of being the first batsmen to score a fifty with maximum sixes and without hitting a boundary. Both guided their team to a striking total of 340. New Zealand started their innings knowing that they have their chance to win the series. It was not a threatening total having played in a small ground. Nevertheless it required great skill and temperament to reach that target.

New Zealand too had a good start from its openers. They had the upper hand in the match with a comfortable score of 161 having lost only one wicket. McCullum was stumped and there came Taylor who was searching for his form. Taylor too played beautifully and when he departed his team was in great position to win the match. All of a sudden there was a collapse in the middle order and the crowd witnessed flurry of wickets in one end. Jamie How was standing tall amidst the collapse. He was playing the innings of his life. Collingwood had limited option to bowl the final over. It was a surprise decision which gave the ball to Wright. Finally the home team needed two from one ball. Vettori took a single of the last ball and the match ended in tie. Silence prevailed in the ground and we can see the surprise word written in each and every face. It took few minutes to realize that it was a tie. Definitely it was a nerve-racking finish.


One deadly habit that is destroying our mankind slowly is smoking. Though a manufacturer includes a tag that displays smoking is injurious to health it is not taken seriously by the consumers. Each day a stop smoking product is entering the marketing world and it portrays the benefits of using the product. Trust Source help in producing the products list which are evaluated and examined for the claims they make. It also provides customer reviews and rankings. Trust Source also displays the payday loan and cash advance sites reviewed and ranked by the people. They simplify the process of applying and qualifying for the payday loans. Your progression is made quick and easy. You don’t even have to fax your document. Once the customer has received an approved status for the cash advance the payday loan amount will be transferred to his account electronically. These cash advance sites offer flexible payment options and discrete services to the people who are in need of the money urgently. Some of the best schemes available for payday are Additional earnings, Maximum wages cash advance, Silent cash loan cash advance and Urgent cash relief Payday advance. So, trust source offers everything one could ask for and hence is a must visit.

Virtual credit cards on offer

We have encountered various technological growths in mobile phones. Many new features have evolved starting from camera, MMS, video recording and many more which saw our eyes lit up frequently. Now mobiles are also offering the capability of navigation. GPS facility has been inculcated in the upcoming models. While driving we can also get the traffic update which helps us to drive safely. Now we are going to see another sky-scraping technological growth. Reliance communication is going to join hands with HDFC bank to indulge in the process of transforming the mobile phones into virtual credit cards. This will enable the customers to make the payments trough their mobile phones. Till now this facility is applicable only to the Reliance subscribers who also have their account at HDFC bank. This opportunity would probably please most of the card holders. It will also be widely acknowledged by the customers because of the fact that payment through their mobile phones will provide more security. Reliance has planned to make this tie-up with other banks in the future to the benefit of all the card holders throughout the world.

18 February 2008

casino online

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online billiards

Billiard Magic is the best place to play online pool, snooker and billiards. We are having an option to play online billiard with enhanced and interactive playing in the pool games due to the existence of cutting edge technology and super graphics. It helps us to play online billiards efficiently by providing information required by the people, enabling players to participate in the tournaments in secure environment.

Interview from your home

Are you getting bored carrying your resume and attending numerous interviews? From now there is no need to travel all the way to the company to showcase your skills. Video resumes have emerged to relieve you from this difficulty. It begins by making your video resume on sites like whereismyboss, telecommentor or monster.com. “Monster released the video resume concept very recently in India and we've had 1000 people load their video resume immediately. It’s a great way for call centers to see the body language and English, which they could normally not see unless the candidate comes in for an interview.

Now we can see how to make that video resume using a digital camera or web cam.

A good video resume is always under a minute long. Always look your future boss in the eye, stay relaxed, confident and to the point. Showcase those talents that don't quite stand out in plain print. Finally click upload

Digital recruitment does not stop with video resumes. You can even do a live interview without shaking hands.

The virtual conference room has been brought to India by companies like Polycom and Cisco. With one half of the room built here, and the other half at other cities around the world, when connected, you'll feel as if you are sitting opposite the table from your interviewer.

17 February 2008

Online Casino

32vegas provides players with an online casino system that is more secure and advanced on the net. The chance of winning in vegas casino is immense due to the 320% sign-up bonus. It also delivers the provision of constant checking by highly trained staffs. This process makes sure that casino gambling is being carried on in the right spirit. All information you need is well explained in the site with elevated design and towering graphics.

Calls at low price

People have seen many developments in cell technology. Recently GPS has been inculcated in mobiles and even mobiles are used as sensors to track the traffic information on the highways. Another big growth witnessed in mobile technology is Femtocells. They are tiny wireless base-stations which can be set up at home and hooked on to internet connections. Femtocells enable the users to make low price calls while they are staying at home. Once they are away from their home the connection is automatically transferred to the wider service provider. Femtocells also make the service providers pleased since they will trim down the load on networks. At present they cost around $200.This is likely to come down. If this is made affordable to everyone in the human sector it will be a great tool in lowering the call charges.

Online backgammon

Do you have the eager to play online backgammon games? Then Gammon fortune is the right place to be in for playing internet backgammon tournaments. The majesty of tournaments lies in the fact that you can win big prizes by only betting a small amount of money. Some important features are: backgammon tournaments are played in chosen tournament areas and the matches starts in time.

Skin says “thanks pepper”

It has been proved that pepper not only adds flavor but also helps to fight out vitiligo, a condition that causes pale patches to develop on the skin. Piperine that is responsible for the spicy nature and pungent odor of pepper can now arouse the skin to produce pigment. Combining this derivative of pepper with ultraviolet rays can inculcate pigmentation more rapidly in the skin. When used alone, they found that piperine and two of its derivatives stimulated pigmentation to an even, light brown color within six weeks. Combining the treatment with UVR, the skin became darker still. There are others ways to cure vitiligo such as corticosteroids and phototherapy but the limitation is that only few people respond to it. Vitiligo not only affects the people physiologically but also emotionally. Instead of treatment with UVR alone this combined strategy can help us to guard against this skin disorder more effectively.

Online backgammon

Mister Gammon is climbing list that showcases Internet’s longest running backgammon site. This site provides players with best online backgammon experience. Players engaged in playing backgammon online are also provided with tips, strategies and new features all aimed at elevating their backgammon skills. The site is endowed with immense graphics which showcases designer’s skill and technique in designing backgammon games for the players.

16 February 2008

Software evaluates disorders in children

Designing committee has tasted success in bringing out a software matrix of 48 questions that can give you vital information on an invasive development disorder like autism. This can be achieved more swiftly when the clinical visits are periodical. The automated software screener can be used as a clinical tool to evaluate whether the child’s development mile stones are age-appropriate. Continuous inspection based on the inputs from experts has helped them to make the matrix more dependable and perceptive. Software framework of the screener comprises an automated screener system, generator system and gaming system. Main advantage we have is that it takes only 25 minutes to send a inclusive description stating whether the child exposes any symptoms for development disorders or not. This software is absolutely free of cost and is likely to be available to all schools across Tamilnadu. Important benefit from this software is that parents can now be reassured that the child is attaining the development milestones. Multi-lingual version of the screener is under development. Along with the software a web portal is also developed to permit easy screener access.

15 February 2008

Online Backgammon

Gammon-world makes the online backgammon players feel that they have entered into a site that provides them ultimate gratification. When players wish to play backgammon online the process involved in it is absolutely simple. We can play backgammon for free and the added advantage is that players don't even have to be logged on at the same time. The site design is fuelled with towering graphics and it is user friendly.

Vaccine through tattooing

The researchers have revealed the fact that in tests undertaken with mice, tattoos were much more valuable in aggravating a reaction from the immune system. Tattoos could be a beneficial way of delivering therapeutic vaccines in humans, including for some cancers. These vaccines have been futile in producing effective response from the immune system when delivered through injection. Tattooing became more widely available with the invention of the electric tattoo machine in the United States. The same basic instrument is still in use to create tattoos today. It has been found that rapidly vibrating tattoo needle could be a valuable way of delivering vaccines under the skin instead of insoluble ink. In studies with mice, tattooing a vaccine produced 16 times more antibodies than a simple injection into muscle tissue. The level of antibodies indicates the strength of the immune system's response. Dr Martin Mueller, one of the researchers behind this work, says that the greater damage to the body caused by the tattoo needle may explain the better immune response. The scientists say that the tattoo needles would never be suitable for preventative vaccines, such as measles, in children as the pain would be too great. But there may well be a role for the technique in the routine vaccination of animals.

14 February 2008

Play Slots

If you are in search for the oldest online slots site over the internet you may receive the answer as Sloterix. This site has earned wide acknowledgment from the players who play slots at regular basis. This is due to the fact that this site provides interactive platform to the users. Slot machines are enabled with 'payback cycle', where they pay out relative to the amount of money paid in. The site’s sky-scraping graphics and elevated design attracts more crowds towards it.

GPS enabled mobile

Marriage enticement of GPS and cellular telephony systems is being disseminated to the people around the world. SatNav and MapMyIndia are the names of the service providers who maintain databases of Indian route and city maps. They provide intuitive information and offer local landmark search packages that can be used by the customers on their GPRS enabled mobile phones. This favor can be achieved if they connect their mobile to a GPS receiver via Bluetooth. Luckily we have achieved a successful integration of GPS with cellular technology to create the first single chip GPS solution for phones with embedded FM radio and Bluetooth. SIRF another GPS solution provider has developed a mobile GPS convergence platform that supports both WinCE and Linux operating systems since they possess Indian development base. Through this technology Nokia, the mobile leader is releasing first ever pedestrian navigation device. Nokia 6210 navigation phone is GPS enabled and also has integrated compass system. Most striking news about this integration is that the cost involved is well within $2.

Online Casinos

Online casino gambling supported by Gamblux portal provides all the constructive information about virtual casino in an easily readable format. Some other portals afford pleasant graphics and few others expect the player to read long pages of text, which is a tedious process. This best casino guide is designed in such a way that it provides inspirational look and feel when they view the site. It also delivers spontaneous information to the players when they are in need of it.

13 February 2008

Valentine's day e-card threatens

Have you received Valentine’s Day e-greetings from an unfamiliar person? Please don’t try to open it. These lovely greetings could transport disparaging "Trojan horse" that could probably deliver severe attacks on your computers. Warning has been sent to all Internet users to "be on the lookout for spam emails spreading the Storm Worm malicious software (malware)".Valentine’s day has been identified as the next target to spread the Strom Worm virus by sending millions of emails advertising an e-card link within the text of the spam email. The bogus email directs the recipient to click on a link to reclaim an electronic Valentine's Day card. If the user falls for the subterfuge, malware will infect their computer or the device they used to connect to the Internet, and make it become part of a Storm Worm botnet.A botnet is a network of computers that forwards transmissions such as spam, viruses and malware, to other computers linked to the Internet.Botnets can also be used in identity theft and therefore don’t open Valentine’s greetings from unknown senders. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers.

12 February 2008

Zenni Opticals

For those who are in search for elegant glasses the destiny would probably be Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses. People usually say that this organization is a Great Discovery: Zenni Optical because they are having variety of models made of stainless steel to pure titanium. These glasses are availed at low prices because of the fact that they manufacture their own frames. So the Best Thing Found: Zenni Optical for people who require quality and service.

10 February 2008

Wii helps rehabilitation

Rehabilitation now can be called as "Wiihabilitation" as Nintendo's Wii video game system whose appraisal has brought in whooping number of fans even beyond the teen gaming set. This is due to the fact that this towering game system has brought obsession in rehab therapy for patients recuperating from strokes, broken bones, surgery and even combat injuries. The usual stretching and lifting exercises that help the sick or injured regain strength can be excruciating, monotonous and downright boring.In fact, many patients say physical therapy's nickname really stands for "pain and torture".Using the game consoles unique, motion-sensitive controller,Wii games require body movements similar to traditional therapy exercises. But patients become so absorbed mentally they're almost oblivious to the rigor.In the Wii system, because it's kind of a game format, it does create this kind of inner competitiveness. Even though you may be boxing or playing tennis against some figure on the screen, it's amazing how many of our patients want to beat their opponent.

The most popular Wii games in rehab involve sports — baseball, bowling, boxing, golf and tennis. Using the same arm swings required by those sports, players wave a wireless controller that directs the actions of animated athletes on the screen.A lot of guys don't have full finger function so it definitely helps being able to work on using their fingers more and figuring out different ways to use their hands and arms. They are getting enhanced fortitude, potency and harmonization. Even though it has been shown that some form of endurance related to strength, flexibility and balance would be challenged when you play the Wii, it requires hard scientific proof to support it. Dr. Julio Bonis of Madrid says he has proof that playing Wii games can have physical effects of another kind. "Wiiitis" — a condition he says he developed last year after spending several hours playing the Wii tennis game.

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09 February 2008

Nokia embeds sensor in people

Nokia has inculcated a special traffic monitoring software in its N95 model with GPS. As the students drove the freeway, the phone sent data about each car's swiftness and position back to the company's research competence. The data is compiled and used to envisage traffic patterns and assist drivers get where they need to be quickly. Nokia hopes that one day the system could be a significantly cheaper way to track traffic than the permanent sensors installed in roadways or next to them because it uses equipment most people already own which is none other than cell phones.

One may wish to see the extent of privacy involved in this device. The information sent from each phone is designed to keep each "moving traffic sensor" anonymous. When the information is sent to Nokia the entire personal identifying signal is stripped from the data, and encryption methods on the level of what banks use is employed to keep information private. Also, the traffic monitoring software only broadcasts information when it senses the phone has entered a specific area, like a highway. The data from the phones will be sent back to the Nokia Research Center where a team will analyze the expediency of the data and determine what comes next. Thus this technology enables us to take a whooping stride into the future of traffic information collecting and data processing.

08 February 2008

Google makes sharing easier

Google is all set to pioneer an online business software package intended to make it easier for people in the same organization to share documents and resources. The free "Team Edition" software, scheduled to debut Thursday, represents the Internet search leader's latest attempt to exert a pull on users to free applications, which poses an impending threat to competitor Microsoft Corp.'s highly lucrative word processing, spreadsheet etc. The launch marks the second time Google has upgraded a business program this week — a week when Microsoft awaits a response to its proposal to buy Yahoo in an attempt to undermine Google's supremacy over Internet search and advertising. Google has been generous in granting consumers, students and businesses free access to rival software hosted over the Web in a conception known as "cloud computing."

Mobile Phone-too small

An Israeli startup has persuaded wireless carriers in three countries to try a new concept: a miniature cell phone that pops into interchangeable "jackets" to become a bigger, smarter phone — or into other gadgets to connect them to the Internet. The Modu is somewhat smaller than the current iPod Nano and weighs 1.5 ounces. It has a small color screen and a restricted keypad, which allows it to work as an elementary cell phone on its own. The jackets that will come with the Modu look like cell phones, with standard numeric keypads and other features like cameras. But they lack they lack the antenna and chips that communicate with a wireless network, and this is where the Modu comes in — it pops into a slot, turning the jacket into a fully functional phone. The jacket is cheap to make, has almost no electronics, and doesn't need to be tested by the carrier to see that it conforms to its network standards.

The jackets that will be available at launch in the other countries reflect the differences between them. The Russian carrier wants an emphasis on kids, who are the big growth market for cell phones there, so Modu is making jackets with cartoon themes for them. The Israeli carrier wanted a cell phone for soldiers, so Modu is making a rugged, green jacket with a built-in flashlight. Other jackets could focus on music, coming with pre-loaded tunes.

A shortcoming of the initial model is that it will use General Packet Radio Service, or GPRS, for data transfer. It's a widely deployed but slow technology, roughly equivalent to dial-up in speed. That will limit the Modu's utility, but the company is working on upgrading it to use High-Speed Download Packet Access, a "third-generation" technology used by AT&T Inc., among others.

The idea is to have consumer electronics companies build slots for the Modu into their devices to give them network connectivity. That could allow a GPS device to receive updates on traffic or map changes. A picture frame with a Modu slot and loud speakers could act as a music-playing, picture-showing charging station.

Video chat software with recording

A new version of video chat software ooVoo released this week allows users to record chats, perhaps to post them to video-sharing sites like You Tube or just to keep them for posterity. The free software from New York-based ooVoo is a video-oriented competitor to eBay Inc.'s Skype.
This sky-scraping software allows video conferencing with up to six participants, while Skype supports only two-party video calls and is more focused on voice communication. Skype video can be recorded through third-party programs.

Apple Inc.'s iChat does multiparty video chats, and a recording feature was introduced with Leopard, the company's latest operating system. The new 1.5 version of ooVoo also adds features found in other chat programs: visual effects and the facility to call U.S. phones. The first two hours of calls are complimentary. The company hasn't said how it plans to charge for supplementary calling.

Recording of calls without the knowledge of all participants is illegitimate in many U.S. states so the program notifies participants that they are being recorded. Oovoo is available for Windows PCs only. They are keen to make it available for Macintosh version.

Sachin to be a mentor

In a country like India where cricket is considered to be a religion Sachin is undoubtedly the God. He carries millions of hearts to the field. But this time round, he wants to do things a bit differently. Sachin Tendulkar, who is a part of Mukesh Ambani's Mumbai team for IPL, will be active off the field, playing a strategic role for the $111.9-million Mumbai team. It has been told that Sachin will be the consultant and the key thinker on team strategies and the operational functioning of the Mumbai team. It's still unclear whether Sachin will take the field. But if industry sources are to be believed, Sachin may become the non-playing captain of Mumbai.

Sources reveal the fact that Sachin has been in talks with Mukesh and his team for a while now, and is giving crucial inputs on how the Mumbai brand should be built.The IPL panel has given Sachin an Icon Player status and will be paying him 15% more than the top player of the Mumbai T-20 team. Sachin, apart from his player fees, will also be given some kind of equity or at least a profit-sharing in the team.

The other icons are, of course, Rahul Dravid, Yuvraj Singh and Sourav Ganguly who will be representing Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata, respectively. Needless to say that Sachin will also be the face and the champion mascot of the Mumbai team, and will be the brand ambassador across all advertising and marketing promotions that will come up closer to the matches. The rationale here's simple: First, Brand Sachin will lend a lot of credibility to the Mumbai team. Secondly, the valuation of the team will shoot up instantly and thirdly, Mukesh Ambani would get the help of Sachin to line in other cricket stars

Alexa rank at last

It has been a long wait since the blog was created by me. The wait revolved around the eager to see by traffic rating. As soon as the blog was created in the name of sedative symptoms it received a rank around 110lakhs. I intended to change the blog’s URL and suddenly the rank vanished. I knew the fact that it will take few days to update the rankings in accordance to the new URL. It was more than a week of hang around to get the rank. Some told that i would rather receive a good rank since the time was extended to me. The eager to rise in the rating was clearly witnessed from the rapid increase in the number of post delivered in the blog. Even in my sleep I was thinking about the topic to be published in the fore coming days. The post which rapidly increased the number of visitors is the one which was titled as top 5 pullers. Other topics such as GRE-a gateway, ADD-KIOSK received an appreciable number of guests. After 23 posts rank that was given to me is around 48lakhs. I thank the visitors for viewing my blog and i need their support incessantly.

03 February 2008

Top 5 free kickers

1.David Beckham-When you ask me to define free kick i would probably say the answer as David Beckham.With his free kick goal against Ecuador in the second round of the 2006 World Cup, Beckham gained membership into two of football's exclusive clubs: he became the only English player — and the 21st player regardless of nationality — to score in three world cups.

2.Thierry Henry-My favorite striker has scored copious number of free kicks.Even in the game pro evolution soccer never misses out his chance when it comes to free kick.I have fed up with the situation when he was an opponent.He is always in God mode whether it was a game or a real match.

3. Roberto Carlos-When it comes to fierce free kick the option inevitably goes to Roberto carlos. When he executes the free kick it takes two or more goal keepers to stop it.One can never forget the deadly combination of force with swing.

4.Ronaldinho-He has a unique style of scoring free kicks.All have seen free kicks being scored over the wall but this man score even under it.That goal was a surprising one for all the free kickers.No body can stop his free kicks when he his in peak form.

5.Frank Lampard-He has given the lead many times for Chelsea and he is considered to be one of the best free kicker the club has ever produced.He has scored numerous number of free kicks this season and he is the standout free kicker in the list considering the present season.

02 February 2008

Linux to turn green

In recent times most of the applications have turned environment friendly. Linux Torvalds the developer of Linux revealed that efforts are being taken to make it green. There prevailed criticism over the issue that the open source application was not taking requisite steps to become more environment-friendly . It has been said that operating system had now developed power-management and energy –diagnosis tools. He exposed his happiness on the fact that the kernel of the system was being maintained even though much innovation was going on in other aspects. He was also glad on the near termination of the digital rights management of music, which was considered to be ‘anti-consumer’.

Soft drinks sink men

Exploitation of sweetened soft drinks appreciably increases the risk of gout in men, according to the new research. Gout is said to be a joint disease that causes acute pain and swelling. This disorder is said to be common in men above 40 years of age. It is mainly due to the occurrence of surplus uric acid in the blood that leads to uric acid crystals collecting around the joints. The risk of gout in men is said to increase with the increase in the intake of soft drinks sweetened with sugar. Men who consume five or six glasses a week is said to have 30 percent increased risk. Fruit juice and fructose rich fruits were allied with a higher risk of gout. However researches have insisted the fact that this verdict needs to be balanced against the goodness of fruits and vegetable intake to thwart any other chronic disorders. Thus this study doesn’t mean that fruits should be avoided.

Peoples desire

People always admire the exquisiteness that prevails among other person. Everyone wants to be praised for his or her beauty. People want their legs, hairstyle, lips nose etc to be dominant compared to others. An assessment conducted among 20,000 plastic surgeons expose that people wish for Angelina Jolie’s lips, Nicole Kidman’s nose and Cameron Diaz’s legs. They also like to have Sophia Loren’s cheeks and eyes. These celebrities mark the most perfect woman that the world can see. Among men, soccer superstar David Beckham’s legs are the ones, which is admired by most of the people. He is also renowned for his hairstyle, which is being changed frequently. People adore Brad Pitt for everything else such as nose, lips, chin and abdomen.

Apple saves life

An apple a day can keep doctor away is an adage, which prevailed among the human community for a number of years. This has been proven by the new study that was carried out in New York. It exhibited the fact that the admired fruit contains protective antioxidants, which helps in plummeting the risk of dementia among people. The researches came into this proclamation after scrutinizing the effects of apple, banana and orange extracts on neuron cells. It has been found that the phenolic phytochemicals of the fruits prevent neurotoxicity on the cells. Among the three fruits said above apple leads the list as it contains huge amount of protective antioxidants. These fruits are the important sources of vitamin, minerals and fiber that protect against neurodegenarative diseases like Alzheimer’s. The most startling pronouncement made after the unfathomable study is that regular exposure to safe low level infra-red light could turn back the brain’s biological clock and reverse the effects of reminiscence loss.

01 February 2008

Top 5 Pullers

1.Sachin Tendulkar-He is an incredible puller and hooker which was evident from the six that sailed out of the ground during the 2003 world cup. Caddick alleged that he has drawn out a trap for the master batsman. The saddest part of this announcement is that he didn't realize the fact that we can set trap for animals or even for human beings but not to the cricketing God.

1.Ricky Ponting-The Australian captain seems to be in total control when he is pulling the ball compared to any other drives.I have not seen him getting out when attempting a pull shot.He is such a perfect demonstrator of this shot.

3.Kevin Pietersen-This English men proved to be a nightmare to all the bowlers during the Ashes in England.Only few batsmen have pulled Brett Lee with such a high degree of comfort and he is surely a leading batsmen in that list.

4.Yuvraj Singh-Everyone knows that he is an implausible timer of the cricket ball.When he pulls the ball it can never be seen with the naked eye.Replays are required to clearly scrutinize the shot.His high back lift eases his difficulty in pulling the ball and enable him to transfer his weight quickly and accurately.

5.Adam Gilchrist-He is one of the supreme wicket keeper batsmen witnessed in the war ground.Pulling the ball is not a tough task for him as he is already an aggressive batsmen.He executes this shot in such a manner that it gives an illusion that the bowler is bowling a wrong line.

Charitable PC

Many social welfare organizations are lending their hands to fight AIDS and to help those who are affected by it. Microsoft and Dell are fused themselves with Red, an organization founded by U2 singer Bono. The main endeavor of this joint venture is to market an altruistic personal computer. The bounteousness of this enterprise is revealed from their contribution to the society. For each PC sold the company will donate $80 for the medical care of HIV-affected people. It is named as Project Red and the computer will run on Windows Vista. This product will be made available in the markets from January 31. Red had also teamed with companies such as Motorola and Apple to bestow part of the sales products to fight the AIDS bane in Africa. The personal computer has a red casing. Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has acknowledged this exertion and he describes this bustle as a creative use of capitalism.

Resume-Keep it simple

During the phase of campus recruitment students tend to worry about how to write their resume. They are concerned with the ways of impressing the employer through their resumes. They spend huge amount of time to make it a prominent one among the competitive group and they tend to pack it with huge directory of awards and certificates. The main prerequisite that the recruiters search in your resume is that it should be user friendly. Even if your resume format is not the best in the business there is nothing to worry about it but the key fact is that fonts, font sizes and spacing should not be ignored. If you want to prevent your resume from going into the dustbin keep it short, not inevitably sweet but it should be to the point. To begin with fonts, don’t use flashy and intricate ones. Strive to use plain fonts with the size ranging from 10 to 14. Don’t ever attempt to show your word skills in your resume. Another important feature, which would rate your resume, is the dearth of grammatical mistakes. It not only portrays the lack of communication skill but also shows the fact that the applicant is lazy and careless. If one thinks that the job for which he is applying is imperative he would never tend to make these mistakes. For a fresher it is advisable to put the educational qualification table upfront followed by the extra curricular activities. It shows the emergent personality of an individual and this would be enough to get into a company.

Low-priced laptops

Before the advent of these low-priced laptops only top business peoples and professionals working in a big concern could use them. The main underlying reason behind this usage is the cost factor. Penetration of these aggressively priced laptops into the market would lead a situation in which laptop will be called as a PC for the poor. The nation wide sales of this product has been opened by HCL. The laptop comes up with a 7-inch LCD screen and they plunge in the budding class of Ultra Compact PC. The MiLeap X is the entry-level model and it is the derivative of the classmate PC. It filters out the moving parts and it achieves it by promoting the hard drive for an eight-megabyte Flash memory. This feature may not sound so flashy but it is passable for the work we tend to do such as browsing, emailing and other indispensable office applications. The memory is 512 MB in view of the fact that the device is inculcated with a mobile Celeron processor. The innovative vividness of HCL is clear to us as they reinstate Windows operating systems with a Linux distribution. This feature alone would have saved RS.10,000 thus making it possible for HCL to sell it at RS.14,000. This product has a wide market beyond school, college and home and it is also provided with WiFI. The screen is touch -sensitive and it has all the sizzling functionality of a PC. This is indeed technology growth for you.