30 October 2011

Exercise not enough

Regular exercise is the best way to thwart obesity problems. Exercises pour in numerous benefits to the people. It not only strengthens bone and muscles in the body but also improves mental health of a person. Motivated exercises will provide even more benefits to the people. Exercise is alone not a complete cure to the obesity problem. Diet plays a major role in controlling the weight of an individual. There is no use in consuming high calorie diet after an excellent physical activity. People should take care when it comes to diet. Proper diet efficiently coincides with the physical activity to provide the intended results.

29 October 2011

Avoiding stress

How to stumble on peace in this stressful environment? Some when they feel stressed flounder themselves in front of the television. Instead of hooking ourselves in watching television the best way to alleviate stress is by looking the natural sceneries inculcated around us. It has been found that these scenes of nature have the inbuilt capability to assuage minor stress levels. These scenes real or portrayed technologically definitely have the impact on the minor stress levels. The heart recovery rate in many people was satisfactory when they were exposed to the nature than seeing the same in their sophisticated plasma screen. The heart rate found to plunge more rapidly in those people exposed to scenes of nature. Technology growth is very important since we can achieve stupendous glory out of it but at the same time we should realize the fact that we can never live without the help of the motherly nature.

26 October 2011

Don’t waste resources

I went to a restaurant with my friend for a dinner. There i saw a group of friends in party mood. I guess it would have been a birthday party. They ordered many food stuffs and wasted considerable amount of all that they ordered. Finally when they got there bill there was some additional amount appended to the bill. It was not the usual tax one it was something else. The restaurant charged them for the stuff they had wasted. They were shocked on this. The manager of the restaurant came and said “Just because we have money it does mean we can waste the resources”. So, people think of it.

24 October 2011

Trip to Lonavla

It was the first trip to with my team.The weather was fabulous and we had a great time together.

18 October 2011

Detective Camera

So far we have used cameras for the purpose of taking photos. Now we can experience a new functionality in the cameras. A British company has developed a camera that can detect weapons, drugs or explosives concealed under people’s clothes from up to 25 meters. This would probably serve as a breakthrough for the security applications. The T5000 camera which is used to detect the masked objects uses “passive imaging technology” to identify things by the natural electromagnetic rays called T-rays. The camera can detect concealed objects form up to 80 feet away and is effective because it could track this information even if the people are moving. The striking fact is that this screening does not reveal any physical body information and it is harmless. This technology which has military and civilian applications could be used in crowded areas such as airports, shopping malls, cinema theaters and so on. This eminent work could save us from any planned disastrous actions.

16 October 2011

Micro blogging

Blogging has become an infatuation in today’s world. Numbers of bloggers have augmented immensely over a span of few months. The latest buzz word in the Net is micro-blogging. This is said to be a hyperactive and instantaneous version of blogging. Micro bloggers are people whose fervor is to tell the world what they are doing at the particular moment with the help of their mobile devices. They don’t care about the things like whether the world is interested in hearing their comments or not. This can be proved by the increasing recognition of the website Twitter which is promoting micro-blogging at a hasty phase. The members of Twitter constantly update their pages with the help of diminutive messages from their mobiles thereby indicating to the world what they are doing at the moment. Another website which promotes similar kind of activity is Utterz. This has engrossed thousands of micro bloggers by allowing them to post text, videos and photos swiftly. This hot trend has awakened Facebook and MySpace who have started to offer a mobile page for this purpose.