24 November 2008

Mesmerizing frames

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India seals the series

India clinched the Hero Honda cup with its win over England in the fourth ODI at Bangalore. They drew curtain to the series by the 4-0 win over the Englishmen. The match was reduced to 22 overs due to rain. India scored briskly right from the start of the innings thereby finding no trouble with the run rate. Chasing the target 198 England batsmen fell short by 19 runs. Shah and Flintoff threatened India as they scored at a brisk pace. They were influential in bringing the asking run rate but after their fall they didn’t find a finisher. Sehwag was the key to the success in this match.

22 November 2008

Beauty school directory

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Sachin returns

Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar returns to the one-day international cricket after 8 months. After playing a crucial part in the victory of the team against the Australians in the tri-series he has opted to play in this format. He asked the board to rest him for the first three ODIs due to continuous commitments. He showed his class and brilliance in the recently concluded test series against the Australians. The position of play is under discussion. Since Sehwag and Gambhir has formed a good opening pair Sachin may come as a first down batsmen. His experience and class will be needed to bind the game in the middle.

Great win

It was assuredly a riveting match to be remembered for a long time. Our team lost early wickets, which halted the scoring rate at best. We had only one recognized pair in the middle and the other one is unpredictable. We managed a great win with just one wicket in hand. Thanks to the drop catch by the opponent. Our batsmen played with great resilience and determination.

21 November 2008

Plastic surgery zone

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19 November 2008

Charging immune cells

Immune system found in our body is responsible for fighting against all type of infections and diseases. Sadly our immune system cannot fight effectively against tumors. With the advent of the super charged immune cells there is the possibility to beat the back cancer tumors. Adding a receptor to T-lymphocyte immune cells enables this. They help in driving away a noxious form of cancer called neuroblastoma, which affects the nervous system. We can adopt the same process for other types of cancers in the future. By adding the receptors for other cancers we can examine whether they have the same fighting character.

15 November 2008

Eminent shopping zone

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14 November 2008

First comprehensive defeat

Our team suffered the first comprehensive defeat after a long period. We are strong in our bowling but that day some of our key players didn't turn up to the match. We suffered a huge batting set back and the fielding was not up to the mark on that day of play.We lost both the match which was rare in our clash. Rain has delayed the play for the past two weeks and we are expecting to bounce back hard at the opponents.

13 November 2008

Targeting pills

Medical drug that we consume should release medication in the specific part of the body. Only when it reaches the accurate target the patients can get their desired results. The newly designed intelligent pill that has the ability to discharge the medication in the specific area of the body will do this work. This pill is inculcated with a microprocessor, pump and a drug pool. They identify the specific areas by measuring the acidity with a help of a sensor to settle on the location in the gut. It can also calculate the local temperature and report it to the external receiver with the help of a wireless system.

07 November 2008

Online degree program

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06 November 2008

Imposing eyeglasses

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05 November 2008

Final battle

The final test between India and Australia starts from today. It will surely be a gripping contest as the hosts strive to win the series. This final test will exemplify other two memorable events. It will be the last test for the Bengal tiger and also be the 100th test for Laxman. The greatest tribute that the team can give to Dada will be the series and match win. The southpaw will be hopping to go on the winning note. Ganguly said that he is going to play this test as a normal game not giving any special importance. India will be surely miss Gambhir who has been contributing well at the top. Both the teams are expected to play aggressive game, which will bring immense excitement to the supporters.

01 November 2008

Enthralling game arena

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Towards draw

The ongoing third test match between India and Australia is heading towards a draw as both the team showed their class in batting. India piled up a mammoth total of 613 in nearly two days. The innings included a gritty innings from Sachin Tendulkar and two incredible double centuries from Gambhir and Laxman. Both played well with determination and gave India a bright chance to pressurize the Australians. The Australians were up to the task as they batted well. All the players contribute to the team score and India assuredly missed Harbhajan Singh. Sehwag the park time bowler claimed four wickets as he tweaked the ball across the stumps.