27 October 2008

Diwali wishes to all

I wish each and everyone happy and safe Diwali. Let this festival of light inculcate happiness and prosperity in each and every individual.

22 October 2008

Best guide

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21 October 2008

Thumping win

It was the greatest victory for India in the test history against the mighty Australians. I haven’t seen the Indian team being that much aggressive in the field. They batted well, bowled like a champions and the fielding didn’t let them down. The great thing is that there wasn’t a single hero in this everlasting victory. There were many architects behind this historic win. Many landmarks were achieved that included the handing over of test supremacy from Lara to the little master. Dada also crossed 7000 run mark in his last test series. It is heartening that we will miss Dada hereafter but his fans were enthralled by his century. Ishant and Zaheer were unplayable with their impeccable seam bowling. The spinners also played a major role in this match. This was a memorable test match to all the players.

16 October 2008

Encouragement at best

In today’s world kids and teens have inherent creative abilities. They need a support to enhance their imaginative capability at best. They should also sound sleep each night, which is a major problem to some of the kids today. CDs & mp3s that help kids overcome challenges, exercise their imaginations, and get some sleep are available at brainplayground.com. These products help them to master their skill at best thereby tasting success at every moment. They inculcate positive thinking into the kids and teens, which helps them to envisage success. Nothing is better than an encouragement given when you are trying to achieve the goal of your life. These stuffs will definitely be a glorious and apt gift to the children.

14 October 2008

Age tracker

Age is an important criterion, which is not revealed correctly by many of the people. They hide it for many reasons especially the women who are not comfortable revealing it. They can’t escape now with the advent of software that tells the age of a person by just looking at the face of the recipient. They have trained this computer algorithm using different people images. It has the ability to analyze the image of the people’s face. Since face exemplifies the age at best this could indeed be a great revelation in exploring an age of a person. The celebrities who hide their original age can no long pretend the same in the years to come.

11 October 2008

Easy way to shopping

Online shopping is the current trend and it requires an arena that supports it at best. ShopWiki.com is the appropriate place for online shopping since it exemplifies all the stores available in the market. It has revolutionized online shopping by helping people to find everything in the web that are available for sale. The home page of the website is flooded with all the product categories for the user perusal. Shopping directory is the place that is meant for refining the user search for a particular product or for any particular occasions.

They have separated the directory in to buying guides and gift guides. The gifts are classified according to different occasions such as wedding, thanksgiving, mother’s day and so on. They have an exuberant collection for Team Sports such as cricket, basketball and many others. Users may definitely find it difficult to choose between the products since each and everything enthralls them at best. We can find all the required accessories for a particular game in one section. People will assuredly have a great shopping experience here.

03 October 2008

Cooling laptops

Laptops came into existence from the need to have a full-featured computer that could be used easily anywhere. These notebooks exemplify comfort at best with inherent portability. People use laptops for hours due its soothing nature and often find a burning sensation. This prolonged usage hits the limit of heat dissipation. Researchers have found a solution that could support protracted usage of laptops. This comfort comes into existence with the usage of nanoelectronics that is considered as an essential science for powering the next generation computers. The prediction that assuredly shocked the users is that if we continue at our present velocity of miniaturization, these devices will be as hot as the sun in 10 to 20 years. Only nano technology could be the savior in this regard.