30 November 2011

My release party

Yes i met that day finally which i dreamt of for the last few months. Whenever a person got released from project i used to think of myself in his position and i used to prepare a release speech. It was actually my release day but i didn’t prepare anything for the release speech. I wanted it to be from my heart so literally there was no rehearsal for it. We went to Urban Tadka restaurant in Gatkopar and were enjoying the party.

29 November 2011

Baldness no more

Baldness is the common problem for men since this situation can transpire at any stage of one’s life. Now with the advent of cloning this is not at all a major problem. If bunch of your hair unexpectedly falls due to premature baldness then the cloned hair is the appropriate solution for it. The technique is known as follicular cell implantation that works by replicating remaining hair strands. This process could ultimately help those bald people to regain their own hair. The astounding feature in this technique is that it has the potential to re-grow a limitless supply hair for the cases where baldness may have been a result of cancer treatment, from suffering burns or also the onset of age.

This treatment involves more than 1000 minuscule injections since they have to produce that number of hairs in the bald patients. This technique would be preferred by most of the people because it has the striking advantage of being swifter and less invasive than the traditional transplant techniques. This technology will be made available to the public over the span of five years.

24 November 2011

See those innocent faces

Happy to remember those days!

A two idiot explodes a sphere.

22 November 2011

Track your stolen laptop

Nowadays capturing others mobile devices has been the frequent act in many countries. Micro Technologies Ltd has come up with the software that will overcome this dreadful loses. This software will facilitate users in tracking their stolen laptops. The software is called as “Micro LNTS”. LNTS stands for Lost Notebook Tracking System. This unsurpassed software can be embedded in the hard drives of laptops. The salient feature of this software is that it will function in the stealth mode. If the authorized user’s laptop gets stolen he can access a tracking system in www.microInts.net. It will perform the function of alerting the user if the stolen laptop gets activated. This eminent software also helps us to track online activities of children and to conceal files that may contain very decisive data.

19 November 2011

Brilliant quotes for life

1) Never play with the feelings of others because you may win the game but the risk is that you may lose the person for your lifetime.

2)I am thankful for those who said no to me because i did it myself.

3)It is very easy to defeat someone but it is very hard to win someone.

18 November 2011

Words by cigarette

A burnt cigarette ash said: Today its me, because of you ! but Tomorrow its you, because of me !!.
Quit smoking before smoking quits you

14 November 2011

Plan your future by Rajnikanth

In a particular country, The King can rule it only for five years, After the years the King will be taken out of the country crossing a river, Beyond the river, In the dense forest, The King will be left alone.. the tribes and the animals there will kill the King... Several Kings ruled the country and many died in 2-3 years in tension and fear of loosing there life in the end of the fifth year.But one particular King who ruled was very happy.. He enjoyed his life...Even in the end of the fifth, He was very happy to enter the forest.. Everyone were shocked as the King was happy knowing that he is taken to a dangerous forest. The boatman asked the King, The reason for his happiness, The King Replied back saying that " I knew what would happen after 5 years to me, So in the first year I sent my army to the forest and killed all the animals and the tribes living in the forest, Second year I sent all my officers to the forest, Ordered them to construct houses, buildings there. Third year i sent my forest and established my Empire there..Now I am going happily to RULE MY EMPIRE.."


12 November 2011

Proud of myself

During my school and college days we used to play cricket whenever we had time. Mostly i used to be the captain of the team and i say to my teammates “It is ok even if you are selfish in cricket. Concentrate on your score. Make ten to twenty runs by not wasting the balls. This is because even proper selfishness in cricket will add to your team score”. Days past now each one of us are in different places and we had stopped playing cricket. After many years i saw a similar type of opinion from an cricket expert which i gave when i was in school. I was proud of myself.

08 November 2011

Funny but true

Here are some of the great lines i came across.

Before you start some work, always ask yourself three questions - Why am I doing it, What the results might be and Will I be successful. Only when you think deeply and find satisfactory answers to these questions, go ahead."

We ignore the ones who adore us,adore the one who ignores us, love the one who hurts us, and hurt the one who loves us.

07 November 2011

Black boxes

Black box is generally a technical term that has been coined to exemplify the system based on its input and output characteristics. It has been used in various contexts. For example in aviation that black box correlates to the flight data recorder and voice recorder. Soon black boxes for the Internet are to be designed that can be used to record every mail and website visit made by the computer users. They are going to design it in order to track the Internet traffic. All the black box contents would be transferred to the central database that is maintained for storage purpose. This system would greatly help the security and intelligence agencies. They don’t affect the smaller ISPs and would be installed upstream on the network.

03 November 2011

Gene tests threatens

A person’s fate is all prewritten in the host gene. The genes are totally responsible for the developments in an individual. After knowing this fact doctors supported the introduction of gene tests. These tests will predict a person’s future risk of any life-threatening diseases. The limiting factor to the gene test was found recently. It says that these gene tests may be damaging to the health by causing unnecessary stress to the individual. These gene tests are offered for the conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The clinical usefulness of the test is still a question since the carriers of these genetic markers are characteristically only 20-40% more likely to develop the condition per copy.

01 November 2011

Blood group defines your character

We all know that distinguishing character that each individual possess is immensely developed by the particular person. Surprisingly we have other important factor that also contributes to the behavior and nature of an individual. This major aspect is none other than our blood group. Our blood group also marks our basic character and here you can see the characters that are inculcated in different blood groups. This information was given by one of the leading magazine.

A+ Good leadership persons

A- Hard working persons

B+ They possess the rare ability to give up for others

B- They are generally lazy but with some special ability

O+ & O- These persons are choleric and are born to help others by nature

AB+ & AB- It is very difficult to understand them