31 May 2008

Bye to playing cricket

Engineering is over. What next? Getting involved in our jobs. It is inevitable that for majority of the people those days in the college would sound better than this later half of the life. How things have changed? We were mad about cricket. Even a half a day holiday would be enough for us to swiftly take the bats and stumps and go for play. We would empty that day by remaining in the field and even if it rains or not we won’t care about the climate. This was the situation few months ago. Even if the ground is filled with water we played with those slippery legs and damp pitches.

Now no one is interested in playing that wonderful game whose joy drenched us right from our childhood. It would rather be appropriate to say that no one finds time amidst their busy schedule. I think the time has come to speak and see cricket rather than enjoy playing it. Good-bye to cricket and I hope that it returns again in our life.

Nutrition Network

If one aspires to get reliable information regarding corrective therapy, weight management, body composition and post injury rehabilitation then their destiny is probably at Naked Nutrition Network. All the articles that are of greater importance to the public are listed in the separate section for their perusal. For example some of the valuable articles include protein commandments, 30 tips that will make us lean and so on. In another section called Ask Mike you can see the post that are written by Mike that are imperative in the nutrition point of view. The news section deals with the happenings that are encountered in the site such as addition of BMI calculator to the site and concentrating on Fat Loss Nutrition to ensure better weight management. In the video segment we can see the information of how to lose ones belly and reviews regarding the protein powder construction and many more.

The credibility of this site lies in its way of representing the information regarding Celiac disease, gluten free diets, gluten free foods and more importantly living the gluten free lifestyle. The scope of information provided is very demanding and is easily reachable to the public. Other vital information regarding nutrition and its effect on the human body is dealt well in Mike’s blog.
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Microsoft says yes to ODF

An astounding information for the open software community came from none other than the software major Microsoft. The content exemplifies that it would support the open document format from next year. This would probably wipe off its monopolistic representation to the public. This move will find greater acknowledgment from the software adherents but the question is regarding the level of dedication that would be shown by Microsoft. Microsoft was criticized, as it was consciously not providing support to the open document format by the open software movement.

To exterminate this criticism it has decided to add open document format support to Office 2007 when it is updated next year. Microsoft has been quite successful in with respect to its open XML format. This format was also well acknowledged by the International Standards Organization. This move to support ODF has found wider appreciation since the open software community vehemently opposed the open XML format.

30 May 2008

Small business loans

Business is the appropriate way for those who want to see their investments being doubled and it is returned back to them as income. Any business that is started needs money not only for inventory, equipment, working capital but also for expanding their working arena and dimensions. The need for Small Business Loans is fulfilled at Accommodative Financial Solutions. We need the resources at right time to ensure a commendable growth in every sector of our business. Our timing requirements are well handled here helping people to get financed even under rigid credit crisis times. They provide the opportunity to the customers to have the best chance of gaining endorsement for their proposed unsecured small business loans and credit lines.

The loan applications must be proposed to the appropriate lenders and this information can derived from the expert loan consultant. They give the information of which lender at present will lend so that the customer request reaches the acceptable and appropriate lender at the very first time that is retrieved from the database. Any queries regarding filling the application will be taken care by them to prevent any errors that may unnecessarily cause their loans request to be rejected. We don’t need to wait for longer to these approvals since they take only 24-48 hours. Customers don’t have to pay any pre-qualifying, upfront charges, hidden cost, collateral and home equity at all.

Dockers TV Commercial Contest

Most of us desire to participate in the TV commercial contests not only to win many astounding prizes but also to get popularized across the world. For these people Dockers contest is the right destiny. Residents of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia possess the awe-inspiring opportunity to grand prizes by just submitting a thirty second video advertisement to the Dockers contest. A win is assured to the deserved ads submitted at the Dockers contest since the advertisements are rated only by the viewers. This entire process to select the winner includes two phases. First phase is the submission phase in which the entrants are allowed to submit their work and the last five prospective finalists will be decided at the finalist phase. The grand prize winner will then be announced in the within the mentioned dates.

All that is needed to be done by the applicant is to just access the widget that is featuring a particular contest. After submitting the email the applicant for the competition may submit their Dockers commercial unswervingly to the sponsor through the widget mentioned. Here we can also watch videos with additional comfort of selecting the episodes that is like by you. In the submitted videos 30ROCK is my favorite which portrays the twists that are encountered by a person in his life. So, don’t wait, grab the opportunity with both hands and showcase your talent to the world.

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22 May 2008

Firefox 3

Attention-grabbing news to the Firefox lovers is that Mozilla Corporation has planned for the release candidate of Firefox3 for the use of the public. This Firefox3 which is considered to be the latest version of the admired open source browser can now be downloaded by Windows, Mac and Linux. Besides being open for the public usage this application is mainly meant for the developers who urge to test new features. It has an elevated look and feel and it is also believed to have enhanced security features inculcated in it. Startling feature attracting many open source fans is that numerous applications such as Gmail is proved to run twice as fast in Firefox 3 when compared to Firefox 2. Additional modifications include improvements in bookmarks, history, cookies and preferences.

21 May 2008

Signed up for SocialSpark

New social network that is considered to be a pertinent arena for the submission of the reviews is proudly called as SocialSpark. The most attracting feature of SocialSpark is its 100 percent audit-able in-post disclosure, transparency, real opinions and search engine friendly. This service accepts those reviews that are of superior quality and rejects those that do not satisfy them. The transparency feature help the public to see which blogger has subscribed to which advertiser on the corresponding opportunities. They provide great support to the bloggers by allowing them to write whatever they feel about that opportunity subjected to the harmony between the blogger and the advertiser. They expect the bloggers to be honest and we are provided with the chance of selecting the opportunity that best suits our blog to assure that our blog’s credibility is not lost. The unique feature that has been inculcated in SocialSpark is the presence of “no-follow “attribute that exist on every sponsored link. This has been done to ensure that there is no interference with the search engine rankings. Another important thing that requires sharp attention among the bloggers is that the general post that separates the sponsored post given by SocialSpark must also be of good quality. They want all the members to follow this code of ethics and those who don’t pursue it will be removed form this service. The entire request for a particular opportunity will be added up in a queue and it will be sent for the approval. Members will receive a notification if they qualify for the corresponding opportunity.

Sponsored by SocialSpark

20 May 2008


Microsoft released an application called Silverlight that permits web applications to be developed with features like animation, vector graphics and any audio-video playback that exemplifies rich Internet applications. Now this application has been inculcated with the Linux version named Moonlight. The application was developed to provide a rich competition to the Adobe’s Flash Player since the textual content in Silverlight is easier to search and it is far simpler for indexing purpose. Moonlight was released as a browser plug-in with the support of the software major. This is indeed an ingredient in the process of developing cross–platform tools. Moonlight is about to extend Silverlight’s terrain to open source operating system. Linux users are provided with the opportunity to download Moonlight. It is attuned with the Firefox browser although it is primarily built for developers.

19 May 2008


A new social network has been launched for posties. It is proudly named as SocialSpark and it is developed by IZEA. The attracting feature that is inculcated in this site is the focus on shilling. Users possess the opportunity to access the established arena for paid posting including the most recent offers. The most astounding feature offered by social spark is the scope for sponsorship opportunities. To claim this feature all that is required to be done is just place a box on your corresponding site and then the user will be automatically paid sponsorships. This entire process would be genuine and certainly without any moral uncertainties to most of the people those who have become the authorized members. The striking difference is that in social spark the offer that is taken by the member must include link=nofollow links, it should primarily start with the disclosure and the review must be in neutral tone. To get a clear idea of how a user profile looks in this social networking site click on this profile. I have picked my profile since it shows all my friends and my recent post that has been published in my blog. This service is under closed alpha testing and the great advantage to the account holders lies in the fact that most of the offers comes from IZEA and not from the third party advertisers.

18 May 2008

100 films in one CD

Compact disk was the core storage contrivance few years ago. Then DVD replaced them with advantage of having more memory space inculcated in it. But the CD is again on track since at present we can accrue more than 100 movies in a single disk with the availability of holographic digital storage. This startling technology is now under development and it will be available for use in four years. The entailed data is stored in layers in the disk facilitated by split laser beams and in contrast to the today’s work it is not just stored on the surface. A single compact disk can store around 1 terabyte of data that is equivalent to 110 film DVD’s. Thus now we can keep all our collections namely film, emails, music and pictures embedded in a single disk.

Signed up

I came to know about blog and its features only few months ago. For those who are interested in blog advertising PayPerPost is the right destiny. I knew this information through my friend. To become an eligible member of this arena one must be frequent updater of his blog, should inculcate quality post in the blog without adding any unwanted stuffs. Other criteria’s include having adequate visitors and ample amount of back links. Once a blogger has satisfied these requirements he can apply for approval. The submitted blog will be analyzed and if it fulfills all the requirements the blogger will receive a mail regarding his approval. They will receive the opportunities on the basis of their Google page rank, Alexa rank and also the real rank that is given by the payperpost. After one has reserved an opportunity he must write the review according to the wish of the advertiser and then submit the post for the review. The submitted post will be reviewed and those who follow the terms and conditions will receive the payment he deserves for the corresponding post. The payment will be sent to the PayPal account of the blogger in the span of thirty days. The money that i get will be used for my higher studies and for buying books.

15 May 2008

Google Friend Connect

There are copious social networking sites emerging today. They attract users with their startling features with profound connectivity. Google is now introducing an application named Google Friend Connect that will enable users to link the websites with the social networking sites. This prominent application will help those who run their websites to entrench features of social networking sites in a swift and easy way. As an instance Google has pointed out to the users how musician Ingrid Michaelson had used this advanced application in her website to entrench the music features that have been inculcated in the networking site iLike. Those who intend to sneak a look on to her site can see the comments reflecting her concerts without having to link up to the iLike site. This act corresponds to the verdict made by MySpace and Facebook to permit users to relocate data to other sites.

14 May 2008

The Akhtar factor

The bowling strength of the Kolkata Knight Riders reached the pinnacle with the arrival of Shoaib Akhtar. The Rawalpindi Express impressed all the fans with his four-wicket haul that became the influential factor in his team victory against the Daredevils. After surviving from the ban that restricted him to play all the IPL matches his presence was felt at the Eden gardens. This was the decisive match since a win here would definitely carry their dream of reaching the semifinal to reality. They batted ordinarily since they managed only 130 odd runs and their victory rested on the hands of their bowlers. Shoaib spear headed the attack and got the dangerous Sehwag in the very first ball he faced and finally ended his impressive bowling with an astounding four-wicket haul.Now the winning chance of their team has blossomed with his bowling skill.

13 May 2008

Yahoo search made attractive

Getting the requisite information during the internet searches can be quite exigent to the users. It is like separating brick powder from the chili ingredients. Majority of the search engines today tend to surrogate quantity for quality. They tend to bring massive results based on the particular search. People don’t even have the time to go through the results that have been given by the search engines. This abundant information retrieved makes their search quite complex and a time consuming activity. More in-depth information regarding their exploration is provided through the new Yahoo tool. This tool offers a lot of additional material predominantly visual which in turn gives an encyclopedia-like page of multimedia reference material. It is proudly called as Yahoo Glue Pages whose beta release has been restricted to India and also to the www.yahoo.in.portal. Normal yahoo search on Sachin would bring all the conformist links in front of the user. When the same is done at the glued yahoo.in site, brings up videos of his interviews; a clip of recent triumph; an assortment of his photos from the Flickr photo sharing site as well as leads to related terms. Searching is made attractive with the help of this yahoo tool.

9/11 feature film

No one would forget the great tragedy that deprived many human beings of their life. It was the plane crash at the world trade center situated at the United States on 11th of September. This devastating scenario has now been delivered as a film to the viewers and it is available at severevisibility.com at DVD quality. To Order DVD log on to the mentioned site which describes every aspect of the film in an impressive way. People can listen to the film music, watch the trailer, go through the story and cast. Users support facility is also available.