30 April 2008

Reliable memory modules

Your hardware requirements would surely find its place at Memory Deal. Users always wish to buy original module of greater quality that top OEMs like HP, DELL and IBM stipulate. These high quality modules are delivered by Memory Deal. For those who are planning to upgrade their computer memory this is the precise place where they get the appropriated RAM. They offer RAM memory of varying capacity. 4GB Memory occupies the last position in the list of the offered RAM memories. Hardcore gamers and those involved in video editing must surely go for 2gb Memory Upgrade. If you are in search for RAM having longer shelf life go for PC3200 DDR400 SDRAM Upgrade. In order to support the growing IT needs Memory Deal maintain profound stock of PC3200. Users are also provided with an online source to purchase PC3200 modules that are said to exhibit rock solid characteristics. One can get the legitimate modules that will surely resemble the one that you have in your system. With their prominent site design the customers search is made very simple and attractive. They also sell the most recent technology from Samsung, Hynix, Qimonda, Micron, Elpida and Nanya. Customers can also interact with the service providers through the specified email, fax or telephone number.

28 April 2008

Assault on web pages

Cases of hacked web pages have been the routine reports across the world. But now hacking activity has reached the peak and in the last few weeks the survey reads about 5,00,000 web pages attacked by the hackers. It is surprising to see that the hacked pages were originally from the genuine websites including those that belong to the United Nations. It has been said that this widespread attacks could have been triggered by a blemish in the Microsoft’s web server software. It seems that this condition have been reported to the Microsoft’s engineers. Numerous web sites that have been attacked by the attackers can compromise visitors by downloading malware from a hosting server. What happens next is the downloading process of the strike attack kit to the visitor’s PC. This downloaded file hijacks the system. Microsoft has already issued a security advisory on the reported susceptibility. It has not been conformed whether these attacks are related to those informed previously.

Wining lottery number

If you want to win flamboyant prizes at the luck zone try it out at dreamandwin.com. One can become the owner of piloting jet fighters or deluxe shopping sprees if the selected one is the Wining lottery number. Wining lottery numbers are governed by the confirmed industry standard lottery software. Here customer security is more pronounced and the users can have fair Lottery numbers. It has a towering site design which displays the opportunity to have a live support and also denoting the exact time of the next lucky draw. Referring is also made possible here.

23 April 2008

Interacting System

We have seen machines that do converse with the human beings but only in films based on science fiction. The development of these machines will no longer be a dream as an international team of scientists are developing a computer system that can converse with us by reacting to the signals such as tone of voice and facial expression. The system under development is known as SEMAINE which has been inculcated with Sensitive Artificial Listener system that can observe the facial expression and voice of the user. It is then connected with the user and it can follow various actions of the user depending up on their nonverbal behaviors. SEMAINE stands for Sustained Emotionally Coloured Machine-human Interaction Using Nonverbal Expression.

Moving is easy now

Your moving needs get full contentment at Miracle Movers. Everyone knows that moving is the hectic situation in the average person life. This is mainly because moving to a particular place must indubitably include planning that drains our energy and gives surplus stress to us. This problem finds a solution at Toronto Movers who possess operation branches in all the major Canadian cities. It may be a residential or commercial move you may contact Miracle Movers because they are expanding their operational branches internationally and can reach any destination around the world. The site is designed so prolifically that customers can choose their requirements very easily. We have a separate section for residential moves, commercial moves or corporate moves. People can also have a long distance move at Toronto Moving service which mainly depends on the weight of the material being transported and the distanced they have to be moved. They also display the ways that can help customers in avoiding the additional charges during the interstate move. This clearly exhibits how customer friendly they are and the passion they show towards their work.

Users are allowed to see the materials and equipments they are using while moving and this clearly shows that they don’t hide any information from the customers regarding their work. Clients can get this service by just clicking on to the booking option that inquires for the user information. They can also have the moving information like how much time it would take to transfer, packing tips for a safer move, storage information and so on. They offer the most secure and proficient service to the customers with the reasonable moving rate by their family oriented business approach. The customers can interact with the service providers and elucidate their doubts through the contact us option which gives the phone number and the email address. Clients are guaranteed with the hassle free moving service to their destination here.

18 April 2008

No to Video launch on Flickr

Flickr is the trendiest destiny for the users to carve up their personal photographs. Bloggers use this astounding service as a photo repository. This online community brings in loads of users due to its grand compatibility. It is hosting more than two billion images. It has now planned to host videos along with the photos. Interestingly this move has found immense opposition from the users. This resistance is due to the fact that they don’t want the photo networking site to be tainted by videos. They have reached the limit of even raising “No Videos on Flickr” slogans to oppose this development. They have given a warning statement which indicates that people are ready to unsubscribe their membership if this condition prevails in this site. Already 4000 customers have implemented this action and they have withdrawn their membership. Main reason behind this action is that users are not engrossed in flickr becoming a site similar to Youtube.

16 April 2008

Cell generates electricity

We have encountered many applications in mobile technology. Blue tooth, GPRS, recently GPS have also been included. Now we are in the verge of generating electricity via cells. We can extract energy from the chemical reaction when hydrogen combines with oxygen to from water. This eminent technology is more prevalent in futuristic cars. This car inculcates tanks of hydrogen instead of gasoline, whose combustion is a key perpetrator in pollution and global warming. Developers express the fact that this process produce one-third less of the pollution that causes global warming than conventional electricity generation does. This is a plain grey cell and it resembles a suitcase in size and it is kept near the tank that turns out to be a water heater. In the course of generating electricity, the fuel cell emanates warmth to heat water for the home. The oxygen that the cell uses is derived from the atmosphere. The hydrogen is extracted from natural gas by a device called a reformer in the same box as the fuel cell. Immense drawback is that the byproduct of this process is a poisonous gas called carbon monoxide. To overcome this problem another machine is attached to the grey box that adds oxygen to the carbon monoxide to create carbon dioxide. Although it may contribute to global warming it is not a poisonous gas.

Best chat zone

We have many chatting zones in the present world but only few have attracted more people towards it. To chat with comfort join 3gb community www.3gb.biz. This arena paves way for meeting our new and old friends. Users are provided with the opportunity to upload their photos, albums and can also hear the latest mp3 hits. Users are allowed to leave their comments in the respective zone.

XP is preferred over Vista

Most of the users prefer Windows XP over Vista due to its pertinent characteristics. It is no surprise that more than one lakh people have signed a Save XP web petition requesting for the survival of the XP in the market. These web forums oppose Microsoft’s verdict to end sales of the admired Windows XP from June 30. The software major is killing XP for the purpose of upholding its new operating system Vista which has not got attractive features that were inculcated in XP. Diehard XP users have announced a warning statement in the Save XP site in which they have declared that they would even go to the level of considering switching over to the open source operating system Linux, if XP is killed. They strongly want Microsoft to persist on promoting XP till it releases its next operating system in 2010. The heartening fact is that Microsoft has shown no signs of changing its mind on the cutoff date.

Best prepaid phone cards

For those who are searching for cheap international phone cards the appropriate destiny would be at Phone Cards Avenue. One of the simplest ways to save money on long distance bills is through prepaid phone cards. The intimidating task for the customer would be searching for an inexpensive online phone card in many areas or calling card online. Customers should opt for this place for buying their phone cards and calling cards because this is the place where you can get immense voice quality and value for your money. Customers can save up to 95% by purchasing this valuable phone cards. The process for obtaining a phone card starts like the following way. The buyer can select the country for which he is going to apply for the card or he also possesses the option to go for a search by the product name.

They provide the unsurpassed international calling cards online which is the reason for the wider acceptance. The most striking feature is that phone cards are delivered online instantaneously. The procedure is said to be a three step process. Search, buy and use are the simple steps which separates the customer from buying the desired phone cards. This prominent site gives the list of top selling calling cards in the business. Some of the top selling calling cards include Juicy - stop phone card, African Dream phone card, African Line phone card, Around The World phone card and My Love (800 & Local Access) phone card. The best rate phone cards are on offer along with the country name and the charge per minute mentioned in the column. They offer the lowest rate calling cards and assure the users with secure online purchase. The customers can buy the phone cards confidence since it is hacker safe. They also support online account management and an option called Live Support where the customers can elucidate their queries on buying the calling cards.

Isles of Scilly Travel

Everyone in the world look forward to have a safe travel to ensure safety in their life. This criterion is taken well in the Flights from Newquay. You are given with the precise timetable that is appropriate for taking a onetime travel. Online booking facility is also available here where users are provided with the opportunity to tell their travelling requirements. Other sections that are available include fares and options, passenger details and payment and confirm. All the passengers information are stored in the database that include boarding facility, airport you are looking for, luggage restriction, travel insurance details and so on. Prime security is ensured in this arena.

14 April 2008

Best Coffee flavors

Most of the people in the world are coffee lovers. Coffee is the source of instant energy that is required by everyone. If you want to taste the best flavor of your choice that is available then sanmarcocoffee.com is the appropriate place for it. They are the wholesale coffee roasting company who offer more than 270 attracting coffee flavors to the customers. They are the unswerving supplier of coffee and they strive for flawless operation from the time of order to delivery.

13 April 2008

Accidents no more

Accidents have always been one of the major reasons for the increasing death rate in a country. To lower this high percentage of deaths via accidents Microsoft has planned to launch software called Clearflow for the drivers. This will probably help them to shove clear of traffic jams. The application will be embedded in Microsoft’s maps.live.com whose predefined intension is to provide street directions to the drivers. Other services currently available for this purpose include Google maps and those provided by Nokia to the pedestrians. This incredible application has been developed by the scientists of artificial intelligence research unit in Microsoft. It has been proclaimed that the software will evaluate traffic flow in various streets and it is also intended to give instructions to the drivers on the congestion free routes.

Social community network

Are you searching for a social community network? Then it is advisable to join 3gb community www.3gb.biz. This is the appropriate place to meet your new and old friends and share loads of information. Users are also provided with the opportunity to upload their photos, albums, joining groups and so on. In this elevated site we can see the network statistics being displayed for our perusal and the members are also allowed to leave their comments making this site more interactive.


We know that flash memory could replace the hard drives in the present scenario due to their smaller structure and swiftness. Now we are in for another astounding development in the field of storage facilities. International Business Machines (IBM) is developing a memory named Racetrack to attract the users all around the world. The conspicuous feature inherited by it include fleetness and it is more dependable than hard drives and flash memory. This prominent solid-state memory combines the unsurpassed features of flash and hard drives. Stacking of data is done in magnetic nanowires. Electrical charges will transfer this data through pipes in nanoseconds. This impressive technology will allow each transistor to gain access over loads of data. Notable fact is that Racetrack will be able to read and write data 1,00,000 times faster than flash memory. The prototype of Racetrack will be available within four or five years.


If you want to have complete information regarding sonography and the available career opportunities with respect to this field then medical-career-training.com is the appropriate site for it. In sonography schools beginners learn the technique of generating image for the diagnosis through the use of sound waves. In medical field sonography tech plays a vital role in diagnosing many disorders among the patients. Sonography technicians can start their career from the formal trainings that is offered by various schools and colleges. A full time sonography technician has to work for 40 hours a week. Their salary varies according to their work environment.

12 April 2008

Flash architecture

Stacking up the memory cells so that each of them stores 2 or 3 bits of information is called a multilevel cell or MLC. SanDisk and Toshiba will jointly instigate the world’s first 16GB 3bits per cell flash chip. These chips use the NAND flash architecture. This indicates that flash cells are linked in series that reminds you of the NAND gate. Limitation involved is that NAND flash reading speeds are less compared to the NOR but we have better writing speed here.

In Phase change memory technique the microscopic bit is excited to about 600 degree Celsius. This process melts the bit which when cooled coagulates into one of the two crystalline structures, which represent a binary one or zero. Users can protract tens of millions as a replacement for tens of thousands of read-write cycles compared to NAND flash. This allows dwindling the manufacturing tolerance to 45nm, which means squeezing more and more cells on every square centimeter of substrate till a gigabyte will trim down to a dot.

Nursing School

Patient care is the utmost responsibility of professionals in medical career training. This section of the medical field is taken care by the Certified Nursing Assistants. Duties that are taught in cna training include feeding patients who are unable to feed themselves, preparing food trays, bathing, grooming, helping patients to move about and so on. This eminent site is rendering all the available cna schools in different states with the information about the different cna courses they offer. Their salary varies according to the place they work but the annual salary is around $25,000.

11 April 2008

Beckham tops the rich list

David Beckham is renowned for his free kicks and frequently changing hairstyle. He is now back on top of the football’s rich list according to the analysis recently conducted. Beckham’s decision to step into LA Galaxy helped him earn him an astounding £24.7 million to recoup top spot from the Brazilian star Ronaldinho. The former England skipper’s base earnings of £2.8 million have been enhanced by the income from endorsements and profit-sharing. It has been anticipated that he would earn up to £128 million during his five year contract with Galaxy.

Top 10 richest footballers:

1. Beckham-£24.7m

2. Ronaldinho-£19.2m

3. Lionel Messi-£18.3m

4. Cristiano Ronaldo-£15.5

5. Thierry Henry-£13.4

6. John Terry-£11.08

7. Michael Ballack-£11m

8. Ronaldo-£10.6m

9. Kaka-£10.2m

10. Steven Gerrard-£10m

Tae Yun Kim

Reading different books will inherit various qualities and strength in human beings. Books that are written by Tae Yun Kim help us to strike into pure, powerful life force via his specialized work out for the mind. This elevated site describes the various books that are written by Tae Yun Kim under different categories. When you click on to a book on a particular topic you may see some of the information’s like publisher name, language, customer review and sales rank being delivered in an appropriated manner.

Adobe Media Player

After completing the successful launch of AIR for Linux, Adobe systems has launched a media player with selected video content as an add-on. Adobe Media Player is a desktop player that enables user to manage and interact with the media content. It supports branding and advertising in and around the content by the content publishers. The Adobe Media Player1.0 will definitely reserve a space for itself with the presence of Apple’s Quick time Player and the omnipresent Windows Media Player. In order to endorse the media player, Adobe has also provided music video and episodes of admired TV serials such as Miami and CSI New York. They have been working in bringing out this media player for about a year and now we are able to get this feature for free cost. Those whose use the option to download the application will also have the facility to subscribe to the television shows. This media player is purely based on the Adobe’s Flash technology and can be played on both Windows and Mac. Adobe Media Player is also intended for media content publishers to allocate and track their media contents.

10 April 2008

Jennifer Keilp -a Foxhunter

There are many interesting personal sites with different private information. Among that I found Jennifer keilp’s site is very appealing to the readers. Jennifer Keilp has portrayed her family in an awe-inspiring way. She had deeply explained about her passion, husband and her children. She is a member of Rock Bridge Hunt which is a local club, where she goes for foxhunting.

Cause for Parkinson's disease

The degenerative disorder of central nervous system that habitually impedes the victim’s motor skills and speech is widely known as Parkinson’s disease. This condition collectively belongs to the movement disorders. Symptoms of this disease include decreased stimulation of the motor cortex by the basal ganglia, normally caused by the insufficient formation and action of dopamine, which is produced in the dopaminergic neurons of the brain. Secondary symptoms may include high level cognitive dysfunction and subtle language problems. PD is both chronic and progressive. Happiest information that has struck the world is those scientists have discovered the brain cells that are accountable for triggering this disease. This would open the door for future treatment of this disease including the chance of growing new neurons and cells that support it. In future this will lead to the advent of new therapies that uses precursor cells derived from patients own stem cells. This will perhaps stimulate the augmentation of replacement neurons which can be transplanted into the brain to reinstate the neurons they have lost.

Secure data destruction

Now we are surviving in an insecure world were methods to steal encrypted information stored on computer hard disks have been developed. The method which could destabilize security software shielding critical data on computers is as straightforward as chilling a computer memory chip with a blast of frigid air from a can of dust remover. It has been estimated that over half of the computers that evolves after recycling process have information on their hard drives that could be extracted thereby leaving the previous owner records at stake. Thus for those indulged in the business sector hard disc data destruction becomes the need of the hour to prevent the hacking of the private data. The data’s present in the hard disks are cleaned using the specialized software. The users are given assurance that the process will definitely prevent identity theft and also encumbers the all the available techniques of hard disc forensic analysis. This service is widely acclaimed and used by various organizations like banks, solicitors and ambulance services where top secret information on hard disks demands the highest level of data destruction. They must make sure that no personal or responsive data is ever accessible from the aged computers thereby increasing the security aspects.

Chill your hands at play

Gaming world has been revolutionized in the areas like design, graphics, and methodology. The wireless option has attracted more people towards it. Logitech has flabbergasted the gaming zone with the launching of a new game controller that has innovative built-in fan based system. The purpose of this controller is that it will keep the hands of fanatical gamers cool and dry when they are playing. The Logitech Chill Stream controller works on Windows XP and Windows Vista computers. The chillness is produced by the inbuilt 40mm fan that circulates air every minute in a hushed manner. The fingers get the cooling effect through the ventilators present on each side of the controller. Another eye-catching feature is it also has Logitech’s floating D-pad which exploits four points of contact to thwart the side to side tipping which probably increases its priority over other controllers. The analog stick of the controller has been machine-tested to perform at least one million circular revolutions.

09 April 2008

Office furnitures

Do you want to embellish your office with splendid furniture’s? You will have your requirement for OFFICE FURNITURE fulfilled at spacify.com. Professionals can work from the comfort of one’s home which will provide exceptional working atmosphere. They offer immeasurably designed stacking chairs, conference tables and other accessories that provide great comfort and ecstasy to all the employees.

My first half century

Cricket is my passion and we started playing it right from the age of 10. Initially I was zealous towards batting though at present i do admire bowling. Right from the beginning i played the role of a slogger who can bat according to the situation. It was not slogging throughout my innings since we played test cricket more often compared to the shorter version of the game. I can’t forget that day when i scored my first half century. Even i admired my innings since it was filled with blistering strokes all around the wicket. Our team opening batsmen returned to the pavilion without scoring and surprisingly i entered the arena. It was not my usual position and the first ball was a juicy full toss that deserved punishment. This fluent shot brought in me immense confidence with which i stroked many boundaries leaving my team at 80 runs in 10 overs.

That was a colossal score in that wet pitch supporting the slow outfield. We bowled brilliantly and our opponents were dismissed very cheaply. That innings will be remembered forever not only by my teammates but also by the opponents.

Gagner de l'argent

Earning money is the prime motive of all us. You will find many websites that attract people to indulge in making money. The destiny for this process will probably be at La M'ethode money maker. This site gagner de l'argent is rendering helping hands for those who are concerned to earn money online. You can become rich by this devenir riche .There are also many options for us to select the correct facilities and the best casino sites. Your search for the urgent needs is fulfilled at argent facile. The site has a towering graphic design and a professional look.

Invincible team

Games exert a pull on more people and we were no exception to it. Our favorite game was smack down which we played for nearly two years. The intense in the game was very high and we became masters in that game. Since more money was spent playing this game in the gaming zone we decided to earn money by participating in numerous symposiums. The stage was set for our debut and we were confident of winning the game. We suffered a huge set back at the hands of the home team although we reached the semifinal of the event. This was due to the absence of the key members in our team but we managed to reach the penultimate round even with the armature players. From then the intense in the even grew to an unmatchable limit and we aimed to win this event in all colleges from that instant.

The dream came true when we first emerged as winners and from then our winning margin increased rapidly. Now we hold the record for winning the smack down event three times in a row. We are now the impregnable team in our zone.

Pharmacy technician training

A pharmacy technician plays the vital role in the delivery of medicines to the public. One of the evolving fields in the area of medicine is pharmacy tech. These technicians work for the same hours as pharmacists in a clean and orderly environment. Candidates must possess a high school diploma or GED to enter into this service. According to the work environment pharmacy technician salary will vary.

Emoticon SMS

We can see new features being inculcated for the mobile users to gain their attention. Mobile users will soon enjoy the emoticon SMS service offered by the public sector giant Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL). They have joined hands with RealNetworks to provide this awesome service to the subscribers. Mammoth toll of 3.9 crore BSNL subscribers will be able to avail this service by the end of this year. The agreement says that RealNetworks will provide around 4000 emoticons on 5000 themes which will enable users to produce more elegant messages. We can get apposite emoticons for the text messages swiftly through a keyword recognition technology. The services provided by this partner also include music on demand, games, video and messaging.

08 April 2008

Linux articles

Are you interested in buying Linux related articles? Your find will definitely end at web-articles.info a towering site depicting the list of all Linux articles that are available. If one want to search a tutorial by keywords all they have to do is a quick search in our directory. All the new articles that arrive at the site are added to the top of the list. These articles are sorted and the users are also provided with the opportunity to submit the articles. The networks that are predominant in this arena are LAN, WAN and MAN. Users are also facilitated with the high security surroundings. It has also established a security threat that may come from inside, outside or from transit points of the network. Security feature is high with the presence of netfilter which is an important part of the Linux Kernel in terms of security, packet managing and manipulation. We can also see the old Linux articles listed in the side of the web page. Users are also provided with the opportunity to download Linux Firewall and optimize Linux software. Virus may destroy our system through any file. We can add any file extension that may seem to be dangerous in order to build a firewall.

07 April 2008

Digital download at MySpace

We have numerous sites that offer free streaming music and other eye-catching amenities. We have one more feather in the cap as the social networking site MySpace has tied up with four top recording companies to commence a music service. It has announced that the proposed service will be exposed in phases in the coming months. As said it would probably offer free streaming music, MP3 downloads and ringtones apart from doubling as an online shopping center for music. Universal Music Group, Sony BMG Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group, which have signed, a deal with MySpace will make available their digital catalogue of music for listening and download. This online service has a whopping 110 million users of which 30 million listen regularly to music online.

Business through travel

Are you ready to get your travel business opportunity? You will find that prominent place at www.myownboss.com. Here you get the opening to learn, earn and travel. This real business and marketing system gives you the chance for the global travel at 20-70% off. Exciting destination, airfare, holiday vacation packages and the opportunity for surfing with the inbuilt marketing and traffic system is also at your reach.

05 April 2008

Nokia enters the gaming world

Nokia the worldwide leader in mobile manufacturing has taken a big stride to enter into the mobile gaming system showground. Now the Nokia users are privileged to have the dazzling games on their handsets via the N-Gage. They can download the software that connects their phone to the handset makers budding collection of games for free from the N-Gage website. It is estimated that users can take pleasure in from 30 games on their elevated handsets by the mid way of this year. Users can access the N-gage straight away from their N95, N81 and N82 phones and they have planned to launch the N-Gage support for N93, N93i and N73 soon. Game developers such as Electronic Arts, Gameloft and Glu Mobile have joined hands to make titles for the service. The statement spells that clients have to pay for the data charges when they download the games.

AIR for Linux

The application that helped people to work on online appliances even when are offline is now made available for open sources system. This AIR or Adobe Integrated Runtime is software to craft rich internet applications. The arresting feature which magnetizes everyone is its ability to relocate web applications to the desktop and amass data offline. Using this influential tool a developer can create rich applications using web technologies such as HTML, PDF, Flash, Ajax and Flex. Adobe has already launched version 1.0 of AIR for windows and Mac OS platforms. The impediment in releasing AIR for Linux is due to the fact that they wanted to enable Flash Player support for the open source operating system. Adobe will also be collaborating with the Linux Foundation, a non-profit organization that dedicates itself for the development of open source systems.

Recycled plastics

Plastics are proving to be the major cause for the environmental pollution. We can save our world from this disaster by using High Density Polyethylene. This is a frequently used plastic that can be recycled. Virgind HDPE Pellets is considered to be stronger than any other HDPE plastics. It is created through the process of polymerization and this is the plastic that has never been used in any other application. HDPE scrap is the recyclable material that comes in all sorts of shape, size and color. We can see a prominent usage of HDPE in packaging applications due to the fact that it provides exceptional moisture barrier properties and chemical resistance. HDPE are used in injection-molded beverage cases, bread trays, films or grocery sacks and so on.

04 April 2008

Technical school

For those who have been enthralled by the X-ray technologies becoming an x-ray technician would be the ideal option. We are provided with superfluous x-ray technician schools where we can begin our career. The technicians are responsible for preparing the patients for filming and operating the x-ray imaging machinery. It has been estimated that employment of x-ray technicians will grow faster than the average for all occupations by 2012. An Associate degree is ample for securing the position as an x-ray technician. This profession is also felicitated with an attractive average annual income around $40,000. Top 10% make more $55,400 annually.

01 April 2008

Photoshop Express

Adobe system has divulged many constructive applications for the benefit of the users. The much anticipated application that would undeniably provoke revolution in the image handling section is released. This online image editor is known as Photoshop Express. This application is designed to assist millions of people to store, share and dapper up their collection of photos. This elegant functionality will be available for free download at www.photoshop.com/express . In regard to its memory it has 2 gigabytes of storage capacity. This image editor is supposed to run only on computers which have flash player9. They have fabricated the product in such a way that it can also link up with the social networking sites such as Facebook. It is intended to run on beta test mode for a while. Exuberant features incorporated in this towering application include a touchup tool, soft focus, black and white capabilities, layering of fixes and effects, storage space, sketch effect, albums and 3D online galleries.