30 January 2008

Porn websites no more

Removing pornographic content has been a challenge for an administrator in colleges and enterprises. Parents get agitated over the question of preventing their child from undesirable websites and sources with adult contents. Cyber cafe operators and corporate network administrator have to deal with such traffics on their turf. I came to know that Hyderabad-based Drishti Systems have come up with an awe-inspiring technology that extensively improves the excellence of such filtering. Previous year, it launched a hardware solution called “NetOptima” that could be plugged into a network to filter the pornographic sites. It was quite expensive and it cost over 60,000. Currently they have introduced three software versions of NetOptima, which are called home edition, cafe edition and professional edition. The professional edition is the costliest of the three, which crosses 20,000 rupees. The other two editions are quite cheaper and they range from 1000 to 2000 rupees. Installing home edition is a trouble-free procedure, which involves loading it into the PC promptly, while the Cafe edition and professional edition need to be encumbered into the server. The Cafe edition supports about 20 computers, while the professional one manages 1000 PCs on a server.

Daily treat

This week has inculcated in me immense ecstasy to cherish with. Can anyone guess what may be the reason? You would end up with a precise answer if you have thought about the Anna University result, which was recently published. They are renowned for creating greatest upsets and shocks among the students. Now we witnessed a paradoxical situation, which brought contentment to most of them. Some of them also had the credit of making huge leaps by reducing the number of arrears. My elation was doubled on seeing their success and I could also sense that the treat is somewhere around the corner. It was evident that I would step into the hotels and fast foods but not these many times. Already I have received four treats in three days and this is not yet over. The agenda will be indubitably extended for another week. I won’t forget these golden days because it is hard to see this much number of treats following the results. One additional feature is that no one is restricting the treat by a mere number and they say eat till your stomach makes an alarm signal. I pray to God that every time we collect similar sympathy from the evaluators.


Tag line that has been inculcated to elaborate the feature of ADD KIOSK is “Anytime digital download”. This has been a new endeavor that enables us to download video songs of sky-scraping eminence. Added magnetism to this scheme is that a great singer is doing its commercial ad. He is none other than the superlative singer S.P.B who is regarded as the prodigy in the music world. His voice has reached us through more than 40,000 songs. For the first time in his career, which would have been for more than 25 years, he is involved in the ad popularizing this feature. During his interview with the media he requested the people not to download it illegally. He requested the users to be honest and enjoy each and every aspect of this technology.

Biased Indian cinema

It is pathetic that cinema lovers have been partial in appreciating the performance and the role by an artist throughout the country. Bollywood is dominating the arena by a clear margin even though films from other languages have raised their standards. NDTV gave the Indian of the year for entertainment to the most popular actor superstar Rajnikanth. In the program called Big Fight in the same channel they discuss the correctness of the decision taken by the panel of adjudicators. It was shocking to hear one individual who accepts Sivaji as the leading grocer among all films released in the previous year but refuses it to be popular in the northern parts. This is mainly due to the fact that people in the south persuade films in all languages when it seems to be really worth watching. But others do not show the same level of generosity. For instance movies like Taare Zameen Par, Black and many others have been appreciated and we proved the fact that we adore good movies irrespective of the language. This is revealed by the information that we have Hindi cinemas releasing in appreciable number of theaters. But if we go to the northern areas it is hard to find a Tamil film or take for instance languages other than Hindi being screened in the theaters. This situation should change and everyone should cultivate a habit of welcoming good films removing the language barrier.

Bypassing the creator

Once people were criticizing and cursing God for their appearance. They believed that it was also their curse, which resulted in their poor appearance. This is not the case now with the advent of new technology and also due to the revolution in science. Science has surpassed the creator and it assures us to give an impressive face, which was not given to us by birth. The deformity in face, which was once considered to be an intimidation to beauty, is now a simple case to be dealt with. Surgery is now being done within a reasonable cost and it is 100% risk free. Many actresses have now engaged in this activity of escalating their charm.They make their cheeks chubby through this surgery. We also have the provision of entirely changing our face complexion through face jobs. The word born beauty can now be erased and now we can make gorgeous faces through our technology and science. The same course of action can be applied to any parts of our body and we can see our dreams come true.

28 January 2008

Mobile library

MP3, which ruled the world till now, has become an obsolete style with the advent of MP4. The admired custom for compressing and playing digital music is in the way of reaching the new format, one that is companionable with MP3’s audio standard, while extending it to the video. This battery-operated device with a four-inch screen for MP4 replay is called as PMPs or portable media players. F 336 MP4 portable media player weighs about 300gm and incorporates 80GB hard disk, which is sufficient to store at least 20 full-length movies provided that they are in the formats AVI, MP4, DivX or XviD. Potency of the PMPs is their ability to accept almost all popular audio/video formats. It also has an additional feature of built in speakers. A voice recorder is built-in and the lithium-ion batteries are fine for about four hours on a full charge. The extended storage capacity enables us to chuck into it from a video camera, transfer stuffs from a digital camera and also transfer entire shows that have been pre-recorded from TV. We can also preserve small library for reading on the move. The gadget cost around Rs.18,000 and it can serve as a great companion for entertainment or education on the move.

27 January 2008

Surprise decision

The decision from Gilly has flabbergasted everyone not only in the Australian camp but also throughout the world. Awesome cricketer who holds the record for playing 96 test matches since his debut without missing a single one was expected to reach the 100 mark. His decision to retire could have been influenced by the drop catches in the ongoing series and his decline of form in test matches. From the position of having highest average in test cricket his average has reduced to 48.He also holds the record for highest number of dismissals in test cricket. It is hard to find an explosive wicketkeeper batsman like him. Everyone would like to see gilly retire from cricket because of the reason that it is tough to bowl to him and he is a real match winner. He has exposed him as a terror in the opening slot slamming the bowlers all around the park. I have not seen him dropping such an effortless catch which was the wicket of Laxman and it drew surprise in all because of the wicket keeping standard he has developed over the years. He is a splendid athlete behind the stumps. Even though the bowlers would be happy to see him walk away from the international cricket none could deny the fact that it is very hard to find a replacement for him. He was a true sportsman and he played the game with high spirit. He prevailed to be a good friend in the field applauding the achievers in the arena. It is sad that we miss such a great cricketer but the only thing we can do is giving him a warm send off which could be the tribute we pay to him. He and his achievements will exist till cricket is played in this world. I would like to thank him for entertaining the cricket lovers throughout his career.

Career in brief

  • 1992/93 season: Makes first-class debut for New South Wales.
  • 1994/95 season: Moves to Western Australia, takes 55 dismissals.
  • 1996/97: Finishes domestic season with top domestic dismissals in Australia for third straight season.
  • October 25, 1996: Makes one-day international debut for Australia against South Africa.
  • June 20, 1999: Scores 54 in Australia's World Cup final win over Pakistan at Lord's.
  • November 5, 1999: Makes Test debut for Australia against Pakistan at the Gabba in Brisbane. Scores 81 from 88 deliveries.
  • November 21-22, 1999: Scores 149 not out in a 238-run partnership with Justin Langer to win a come-from-behind Test match against Pakistan in Hobart.
  • December 15, 2000: Captains Australia for the first time against the West Indies at the Adelaide Oval.
  • February 24, 2002: Breaks the world record for the fastest Test double century, taking 212 balls to reach the mark against South Africa in Johannesburg.
  • January 28, 2003: Wins the Allan Border Medal as Australia's cricketer of the year.
  • March 23, 2003: Scores 57 during Australia's World Cup final win over India in Johannesburg.
  • October-November 2004: Captains Australia in three of the four Tests during Australia's 2-1 series win in India.
  • July-September 2005: Suffers a slump in form during Australia's Ashes series loss to England, averaging just 22.62.
  • December 16, 2006: Scores the second fastest century in Test history in 57 balls in the Ashes match against England at the WACA ground in Perth.
  • April 28, 2007: Smashes 149 from just 104 deliveries in a man-of-the-match performance against Sri Lanka in Australia's 53-run in over Sri Lanka in the World Cup final in Barbados.
  • November 16, 2007: Hits his 100th Test match six against Sri Lanka in Hobart, becoming the only batsmen to achieve the feat.
  • January 25, 2008: Takes 414th Test match dismissal, taking him past South Africa's Mark Boucher on the list of all-time wicket-keepers.
  • January 26, 2008: Announces retirement from international cricket.

Career Record

  • Test Cap number: 381

  • One-day Cap number: 129

  • Test runs: 5,556

  • Test batting average: 47.90

  • Test highest score: 204

  • Test dismissals: 414

  • One-day international runs: 9,297

  • One-day international batting average: 36.03

  • One-day international strike rate: 96.89

  • One-day international highest score: 172

  • One-day international dismissals: 454

24 January 2008

Invincible game-Pro evolution soccer

Pro evolution soccer has attracted more fans comparing other football game mainly due to its invincible game play. Players can be controlled with high degree of comfort. One of the
imperative feature that attracted me is that headers can be fruitful only when is timed with perfection. Hint that can be followed to get the headers right is that when the ball is quite near the post you should head it in such a way that the bar indicating the power is not shown in the screen. If the ball is far from the post but within the D then the headers can restrain power with it. The above said features are well accomplished in pes6.


The enhancement that can be brought into the game is that as we are having power bar for shooting criteria the same can be employed to the direction buttons. This avoids scoring goals by luck. Only when proper direction is given you may be able to score goal. This feature will also make the free kicks more natural and user friendly. Here are some tips to play the game with immense expertise.

To sprint fast:

To gallop with you players double the time you do while playing normally you have to tap the sprint button two or more times. To see this working don’t hold the sprint button.


The normal tackle we would execute is that of using the button specified for cross. This should be timed with great degree of correctness otherwise you may end up with receiving a yellow or red card. To avoid this when you are closer to the opponent tap the down direction button. If you perform this you will regain the possession easily.

Successful cross:

As you know when you're running down either the right or the left wing your first decision is to cross the ball into the box and some people have different difficulties getting on the end of them. Well if you cut inside with your winger, hold L1 and press O+O really quick if you're near the edge of the box and the winger will cross the ball at a good speed and down low. The first thing the keeper will do is try catch the ball but he always pounces it out and there should always be an attacker for you on the end of it for a tap in.

Secret Ball Control:

Controls: (R1) + (R2) + Dpad as a stationary player receives the ball.

As your player traps the ball, he will swivel in the specified direction (much like the ‘Kill Ball and Turn’ move), but crucially, he will leave a small gap between himself and the ball.

Tips: The main use for this move is to set your player up for shots on goal, but it can also be combined with moves like stopovers and immediate sprinting at angles to beat defenders.

Chip-Trap Ball:

Controls: When stationary, press (X) + (Square) at the same time.

Description: The player will flick the ball up with his foot instead of controlling it.

Tips: This move is incredibly difficult to perform consistently, but when done correctly, it serves the same purpose as the ‘Extra High Chest/Tap-Up’ trick, but for when the ball is moving along the ground. As such, it can be used to do volleys – or if you’re extremely lucky and skilled, an overhead flick.

Backheel Turn:

Controls: (R1) + Dpad at opposite direction to where the player is facing.

Description: The player will use his heel to hook the ball backwards and change the direction he is facing by 180-degrees.

Tips: One of the easiest moves in the game, but its effectiveness should be underestimated. It is much more effective when dribbling, however (see dribbling section).

Drag Back:

Controls: (R2) + Dpad at opposite direction to which the player is facing.

Description: The player will use his foot to roll the ball backwards a yard or so.

Tips: An incredibly useful way of avoiding incoming sliding tackles, or opening up a bit of space to do another move from.


Controls: Perform a ’Drag Back’ and then press the Dpad at a 45-degree angle that corresponds with your players favored foot in the direction he is facing. For example, a right footed player moving left to right on the pitch would need to press diagonally down/right for the second part of the trick.

Description: The player will perform a standard ‘Drag Back’ and then accelerate away at pace to beat his opponent.

Quick Feint:

Controls: Press either (L1) x2 or (R2) x2 when the player is stationary.

Description: The player will perform a quicker stomping of the foot than in the ‘Stationary Feint’ trick.

Tips: Again, only really effective in multiplayer games. Also slightly easier than the ‘Stationary Feint’, since its less likely you’ll accidentally make your player move.

Fear defeat?

Australians played with the towering spirit of sportsmanship in the cricket arena. Where are those days? They believed in playing good cricket and there was an atmosphere packed with honest and pride. Now these features tend to dwindle in them. One may wonder what may be the reason behind this drastic change in their temperament. Answer to this question lies in their aim to win the game no matter how it was played. This way of playing is inculcated into the players and they find it difficult to hide from others. The spirit in the game diminished from the time when the captaincy was handed over to punter. He believed in winning than playing the game with the right attitude. One can never fully blame the players for this approach. This ugly cloud surrounded them due to the high expectation that was piled it on the players by their countrymen and the pressure that is periodically given by the board to get the winning result. It is happy that there exist high competition among them but this has aggravated a tendency that even fails to accept their defeat. This was evident when the historic win at the Perth was handled in an appalling manner by them. They tried to take away the shine from the win by the Indians stating that the curator was insisted to take away the bounce and eventually the condition supported the Indians. The condition remained the same to both the teams and it is surprising that why these guys don’t accept the defeat. They should try to inculcate this character which do existed in them. When they start playing again with the good spirit they would find more fans enjoying their cricket and this was the character which once attracted me too.

15 January 2008

Say bye to memorizing

Our current examination system is under severe criticism in the context of its efficiency in motivating the students towards their career.I am a die hard opponent to the system of memorizing the concepts without understanding it and other corresponding application areas associated with it.Luckily for the current generation this sympathetic situation would be erased.This act would be enriched by the so called open book exams about which i came to know through the newspaper.We are proud to say that we have an astonishing IT boom in our country but an underlying truth is that equally there is scarcity of employee talent.This current situation can be lifted through the above said examination system.
The problem with the current system is that students memorize the so called important questions,replicate on the answer sheet and finish the job.This will never allow the students to showcase their ability to apply any of the theory that they have learnt.The solution to this problem can be achieved by restructuring the approach towards examinations, on the part of the examiners, the teachers and the students. Open book exams allows student to bring study material, which may range from a single sheet to prescribed textbooks.Examination should be conducted in such a way that the questions would have to test applications of principles. This would kindle their imagination and ensure true learning. This system also drives out the act of malpractice during the examinations. However the effectiveness of this feature lies on the ability on the examiners in setting original, application-based questions. This system should not feature predictable questions and patterns. If this is implemented with utmost care we would have a bright career ahead and we will experience a confident leap into the IT sector.

Portable Desktop in your Hands

Traveling drives us away from the look and feel of our PC machine at home.We are not in a position to use our most used files which may be any important documents,music files, videos or any other frequently used applications.With the arrival of Mojopac the offering from the U.S and the Hyderabad-based RingCube,enables us to achieve this feet.The software is free for the individuals and is recommended for non-commercial use.It is a 13 megabyte download from www.mojopac.com.This feature enable us to selectively transfer key application software which may be a music player of our choice,an office suite as well as any relevant files from the home or office desktop PC to a portable device which may be a thumb drive,mobile phone or even ipod.
After the software installation into the portable device,it can be plugged into any host PC running Windows XP and we are in the state of using the technology with the feeling of working on our native computer.The underlying advantage of this feature is that it allows our application tools and files work three times faster and it enables users to work on public machines leaving no traces of their work behind.This is technological growth for you.

11 January 2008

Why Amritsar?

Hi!!!!! Folks I m a new feather in the blog cap. My name is ArulPrakash. I m currently persuing my B.E. Degree in Sri Sairam Engg College. I m new to blogging, the inspiration for me starting to blog is that i was impressed to see my friends blog. Some of my friends have a technical blog, they give us the up to date information about the evoling trends in technology,some have a general blog in which they say about the funniest and emotional incidents which happened in their life. when i saw my friends blog, i was also attracted towards blogging. So i decided to start a blog of my own. This is the first step i take while entering in the blogging world. I need all ur support and wishes to become a proffessinal blogger in future.

Here is my first post, the title Why Amritsar? might be somewat different i kept this title bcoz i do know how many of them know that there is a golden temple coming up in vellore,the construction work has just now completed. Since being my first post i thought of writing about this temple. Here are some of the pictures of the temple.

See this exuberant photographs these photographs are not enough to capture the temple's beauty. It has been built by some experienced builders possessing enormous architectural skills which made this temple look like a wonder. The features of this temple are it was built a whooping 1500 tonnes of gold!!!!!!!!! which is more than the gold used for the golden temple in amritsar. The area of this temple is about 100 acres. The second photo above is the arial view of the temple,and the star is the pathway through which we must enter and exit the temple. This temple was built mostly with the help of foriegn funds. This shows the interest the foriegners show in developing our indian culture. The last photo you see is the night view of the temple,the important thing is that the sparkling effect you see is not the lights ,it is the gold which gives that kind of an effect. So i hope in the next wonders list this temple will surely find it's place. So make a visit to this temple for more information. The golden temple is here Why Amritsar???. Ok this is for now, but there will be more interesting and useful posts following this. Do visit my blog regularly and give ur precious comments and suggestions.