29 November 2011

Baldness no more

Baldness is the common problem for men since this situation can transpire at any stage of one’s life. Now with the advent of cloning this is not at all a major problem. If bunch of your hair unexpectedly falls due to premature baldness then the cloned hair is the appropriate solution for it. The technique is known as follicular cell implantation that works by replicating remaining hair strands. This process could ultimately help those bald people to regain their own hair. The astounding feature in this technique is that it has the potential to re-grow a limitless supply hair for the cases where baldness may have been a result of cancer treatment, from suffering burns or also the onset of age.

This treatment involves more than 1000 minuscule injections since they have to produce that number of hairs in the bald patients. This technique would be preferred by most of the people because it has the striking advantage of being swifter and less invasive than the traditional transplant techniques. This technology will be made available to the public over the span of five years.

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